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  1. Your profile pic kind of freaks me out a bit :/



  2. Pardon me Commander, but who is that in your avatar?

  3. Aye, they are awesome.


    I've got too many of those tales! XP

  4. Aye, they are awesome.


    I've got too many of those tales! XP

  5. Heh, great a love it - both the song and the band.


    Say, you drink, right? What about joining this group: http://lucasforums.com/group.php?groupid=108


    Tell us your best drunk tale! XD

  6. Lo, Obi. Is your location "Bat Country" a reference to that Avenged Sevenfold song?

  7. Haha. Yeah, I'll have to definitely check it out now. :p

  8. You should. My dad always says about Bruges it's one big amusement park or attraction. It's a small, pleasant city. With lots of cafés. Colin Farrell knows that more than anyone. :p

  9. Haha, yeah. I remember commenting on your location one time a while back. In Bruges was a great movie. I definitely want to check out the city itself though.

  10. Oh yes, in ****in' Bruges! Couldn't help but react. ;)

  11. Avenged sevenfold fan :xp: Good choice.

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