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  1. I have completed it aswell.. Then i passed Utapau first go.. When I have 1vs1 battles with any jedi i die in less than a second i dont even get a hit in..
  2. I cant pass this level either its soo tedious!!! I lose Yoda too early and my reinforcements dont even try to take over bases they just stand around.. AGHHH!!!! I have played as all of the hereos in Instant Action and I have come to the conclusion the Darth Maul is the best by along way! then probably Emporer palpatine, Darth Vader or Good Ol' General Greivous.. Luke Skywalker and Yoda die to easy.. Princess Leia is just pathetic..
  3. In Aus it goes Platinum not gold when it sells lots of copies :s
  4. does that mean u can have 1500 running around at the same time? Or is that just the reinforcement count?
  5. Well It would be hard to have Vader vs Skywalker in a sky battle.. with the time bar what would the chances be off both jedi's finding each other out of all the other starcraft and then dogfighting and having a victor.. all in the little time bar a jedi has and it wont be bairly added to cause 1 craft kill wont merely add anything to the bar.. It would be more effective if u vsed vader on a starcruiser
  6. Bespin platforms was my fav level on SWBF1 I love grenading people off the platforms
  7. It will be interesting to be a Wampa.. wonder what attacks they have
  8. I sat all of the above because its all of those features that turn it into a great game not just 1 individual aspect
  9. "Oh well... $50 down the toilet." Well not if you don't by it TK..
  10. Hasn't someone already created a thread on here with the dedicated System requirements? I'm fairly sure they have..
  11. Lol me either but anything is possible in the Star Wars galaxies
  12. "...Dooku, Yoda etc. were born aswell and we havent seen their parents doin any romantic crap" Thats because they were born before the prequal trilogy...
  13. Nah, Battlefield 2 is to be released on PS2 I saw it EB Games yesterday and asked about it, They said Battlefield series is expanding to consoles now... !!
  14. Well we haven't seen any droids in the rain! so we don't know what would happen, maybe the pilot droids would drown ? you never know!
  15. Oh ok, I see now, I just hope that another site puts it up for free.. Do u know what size the better is? in megabytes?
  16. With that account u can also download what ever else they have on their site
  17. Yeh dam.. COuldn't we use the special key that the person who puts it on here got? It would be the same wouldn't it.. same file..
  18. Could someone then (who has got it through subscription) Put the file here on the forum for the rest of us to download? Is that possible?
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