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    Magna Guard VM

    you could look at the boba fett model. it has cape that goes over one shoulder
  2. ops, my bad ;| anyway, if you (RenegadeOfPhunk) could try to make that riderAnim, i (and many others) would be more than happy and if you could check the *pass tags because i think they dont work. AND if you got all those working, could you try to make passengerAnim (or something like that) so we could get nice sitting/standing animations to the passengers. thank you
  3. heyhey! you can make the driver visible with this line in the .veh file: hideRider 1 and the animation with this one: riderAnim [put the animation's name here] just check what's the name of the animation the player uses on swoop bikes and that should do it
  4. i think he means that he is making walker-type vehicle and wants the driver to be visible and use same animation as in swoop. am i correct?
  5. what animations that file contains? Only the ledgegrab animation?
  6. yea i don't know how i got such an idea :/ but anyway, thnx for the answer.
  7. I don't know how but somehow I understood that with OJP you can make playermodel specific gla-files (animations). Is that true or was I dreaming or what? O.o
  8. ever played singleplayer? cut the front part off and send the swoop to nice spin
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