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  1. Scanned the web and eventually found that my router (Netgear DG834GT) does not support NAT Loopback. I was a bit annoyed as when I bought this, it was one of the more expensive routers... So I'd have thought it should support NAT Loopback as cheaper routers do... Anyway, I found this website: http://dragonslight.altervista.org/ubergt/index.html It offers a 'custom' firmware for the DG834GT which supports NAT Loopback. It's written by a dude called Bracco, and believe me, this guy IS a dude! I was brave and installed the 'custom' firmware. Since I have never looked back... As well as hosting (and playing) online SWBF2 Servers, my router has a load more customisable features and the router seems more stable than ever. If you are experiencing the same trouble as me and want an answer I can recommend Braccos 'UberGT' firmware, but before you go for it, remember, this will invalidate your warranty with Netgear and may trash your router in the process - you have been warned!!! I hope someone out there is now loving my new servers as I am!!! Regards,
  2. This is for hosting games on a PC that PS2 online players can play... The game will NOT allow PC players to join in. So basically, the PC is used to host the game, whilst PS2 users sign in and play.
  3. No problem man! Do I look bovvered? Am I bovvered? No!
  4. Come to think of it I didn't check the date of the post. Actually, the post is 20 months old (its now 2007) but who's counting. Yes, it probably did need resolving... There may be somebody out there, right now, who is having the same problem, and if they search and find this page, they have a potential solution. That's why these forums are here isn't it?
  5. Hi, This happened to me. I just kept trying, over and over again. Try doing it at a time when internet traffic in your are is likely to be low... I did mine early in the morning... Best of luck,
  6. Nope, afraid not. The options are for PC or PS2, but not mixed. Regards,
  7. Hi, I would check your DNS settings, and if you're using a router to connect to the 'net, check your firewall settings and ports. If you are using a router it's probably easiest to put your PS2 in a 'DMZ'. If you can't put your PS2 in a 'DMZ' the ports to forward to your PS2's IP address are: 3658, 3659, 6500 and 27900 Hope this helps, regards,
  8. Yep, you can, what made you think you couldn't? I think what I need to solve my problem is a router that supports NAT Loopback... Can anybody reccomend a good WiFi router with NAT Loopback?
  9. Hi, It sounds to me like your settings are wrong somewhere... You need to copy whatever settings you are using for your pc when it's connected through the modem. I assume you are using an Ethernet modem with an RJ45 connector? Regards,
  10. I'm still having trouble with this, but I think the problem may be the lack of NAT Loopback on the router. Any ideas would be appreciated?! NetDude http://www.netdude.talktalk.net
  11. Hi, I am running my SWBF2 server from my PC, connected to the web through a Netgear DG834GT router. My PS2 is also connected to the router, and therefore connected to the Web also. I can host games from the PC and they are playable on the web, and I can host games from the PS2 which are playable on the web. What I can't seem to do is host Internet games on the PC and join them from the PS2 (LAN). Obvoiusly I can select LAN in the server software, but then, nobody on the web will be able to join in. Does anyone know of a way to setup the Router/PC/PS2 so this is possible? Many thanks... NetDude http://www.netdude.talktalk.net
  12. Maybe I'll try the setup without the DMZ then??? I'll try that and let you know.!?
  13. As recommended by another user I have a DMZ set up to my PS2. To the server PC I have ports 3658, 3659, 6500 and 27900 port-forwarded. Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated. Has anybody managed this with a Netgear DG834GT Router? If so, what's the 'magic' setup???
  14. Hi, I would very much like to use my PC as a server to host PS2 games on the Internet, and be able to use my PS2 to play on these hosted games with my friends. My PC and PS2 are connected via a router to broadband internet. When I host/play internet games on my PS2, there are no problems, but I'd like more players online in my games. When I host internet games on my PC, I have loads of players online but cannot connect to the server from my PS2. I've tried and tried to run up the PC server and get my PS2 online, but no luck, and I think I have found the reason why... Using my ethernet analysis software, I have found that the PC server software uses the same ports as the PS2. Obviously, this is going to clash as the PS2 cannot 'share' the data with the PC server and vice versa. It must be a relatively simple software update that is required to the PC server software (or maybe a PS2 patch!)in order to change the ports to ones that don't clash... The ports I have noticed that are duplicated are: 135, 139 and 445 Anybody know how do get a decent answer out of tech support instead of an automated email? I'd like to get the PC server software modified to use alternative ports to the PS2? Anybody know how to do this?
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