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  1. Great but didn't he have green skin?
  2. You going to add Robe and Hood too? Hopefully o:
  3. oooh <3 thx Will you send it soon? I didn't got an email yet thx anyway EDIT: A friend mine woulds like to know if you think about doing a new quinlan Vos with your texture skillz?
  4. Awww I still want that Ep3 Obi Wan D:
  5. ! Looks great, I used the KotOR Textures for reskin, but I never expected a Model version of it I would like to use this Model you showed off for RPG if you don't mind.
  6. Thanks to Marcus LeCoy for Sig+Avy. Anyhoo, how does your HOODED Palpy look? And the unhooded model isn't too bad, just look at Notamu's one. Uh, for Obi: I liked the older version more, but younger version is good too. Move along
  7. He yawns o: Anyway, for the older version: You need to make the eyebrows longer, they're quite short. The younger Version: Well, dunno. I like the first one better. PS: I still want to see your Palpatine O:
  8. Show us your Palpatine, omeewan, PLEEEASE D:
  9. Omeewan, you are going to fix the right eyebrow? The actual looks weird on the model, it's almost in the eye hole in the model. Looks good though
  10. Palpatine? Could we see him? Yes the Blue seems easy, reminds me to my Selek Fires skin, just without goggles... The Black 'n White looks cool too
  11. Allright, I worked on the Ghost Qui-Gon, but I got an error, where parts of the skin didn't show up. I probably wrote the .skin file wrong. I'm fixing that tomorrow.
  12. No reason to involve the hell here. Mace Windu is another Project by Omeewan. Thread is here: http://lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=160179 No, it's a skin, not a Model.
  13. Selek

    Anakin ep2

    ^^^ What he said, but improve the west texture with the Ep3 Anakin one
  14. Omeewan, np about the Shader. Obi-Wan looks great now, but you still need to add Ewan McGregor's Forehead Mole EDIT: Oh I see it, but its too small yet.
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