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  1. is that it? Juggernaut? doesn't look so big. Not much bigger then the AT-TE any way. http://home.comcast.net/~hipnotik/clonepilot/juggernaut.gif This thread rocks, thanks!
  2. ...when you stop playing battlefront and just writing about it in some forums.
  3. which file do I need to run? http://www.cya.co.il/up02/05/10/20/battlefront.PNG thanks, I can't wait to try the program
  4. on the notepad press "save as" then switch to "all files" and change the file name to "something.bat"
  5. I forgot to matntion, Boba Fett, Jango Fett, Darth Vader and Anakin in the same map? CRAZY
  6. The pictured saved as low quality GIF files. I will try to load this map now and give some better pictures. EDIT: ok here it is... the size is almost 1 MB so be cool... http://www.cya.co.il/up02/05/10/19/battlefrontheroes.jpg I'm gonna try something now
  7. I didn't meant to the Player Limit, I meant to the Player Count. If you make it 0, it means the server will run the game even if no one is in there. and that's kinda stupid, most players will want to join at the begining of the match, not in the middle of it. just change it to 1 -_- About the side select - sometime it can be realy annoying, cause in Tan IV for example, clones era, everyone will want wo be Yoda and then the game will be unbalanced.
  8. Try to remove the folder's path and locate the BAT file in the GAMEDATA directory. You have nothing to lose. PS I'm not saying this cause I'm bored, but it happaned me too yesterday and when I passed the BAT back to his place it's all got fixed. wierd.
  9. that server in the begining of your post, just sucks. sideselcet?! player limit 0? why? you also forgot to enabled heroes, and the commands "/hrrespaw" + "/hrrespawnvalue".
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