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  1. What is the the Jedi Code again? Anybody know?
  2. Should Force Whirlwind work? 'Cause it doesnt...
  3. I would stun him, but it would appear his close to immune to Force Powers. I have never succeeded in doing any Force Powes on him.
  4. Im a Soldier/Consular, cant remember about the Crystals, though... My companions are Juhani and Bastila. Think I should have someone else?
  5. I always do those things. What level were you, anyway? Im 11.
  6. The grenades dot work either, as I am killing myself with them, and if I stand at a distance throwing them, he moves away. Everytime his health goes low he uses the Drain Life Power, draining my guys' life to quite low, and his to maximum. Wonderful.
  7. Tried. Didnt work. He's close to immortal with that goddamned Drain Life. I'll try the grenade, too.
  8. Statement: HK-47 gets my vote. Reason: He is so much cooler than IG-88.
  9. Any tips on how to kill that son-of-a-bitch? Im on Tatooine, if it makes any difference. Can I somehow prevent him from using that goddamned Drain Life, or whatever it is? Cause that thing pisses me off!
  10. Any tips on how to kill the Tusken Raider Chieftain?
  11. Those Elites are pretty tough. And they're always in large numbers...And I killed Juhani with this character, so I dont have two Jedi with me.
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