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  1. I can't be sure what the announcement is. The buzz I started hearing originated from the Spike announcement I believe, which mentioned new Star Wars "franchise". That leads me to believe this announcement has to do with a new game not a sequel... and it may have something to do with Bounty Hunters with Lucas Arts trademarking "Star Wars 1313" not too long ago. The fett reference screams from that. Boba used the alias CT-1313. There was also a bunch of domains registered "StarWars1313.com"... "1313StarWars.com"... etc. The announcement for this game will be tomorrow on Spike with a full reveal at E3. With that said, I'm still hearing rumors that there will be an announcement for a game from Lucas Arts at E3 separate from the full reveal of the announced game tomorrow May 31st. That's how rumors go once the rumor mill starts turning. No proof.. only speculation... and wait.
  2. Apparently Lucas Arts has been handing out invitations to select members of the press for a secret title reveal at E3. If you run down the list of possible games... it's a small list.
  3. I wouldn't say the door is closed on Spark just yet... http://swbf3stats.com/spark-unlimited-hiring-for-a-3rd-person-action-slasher/ I'm hoping for E3 as well. Just like I was last year. Last year it was the listing on the Gamespy servers that got everyone hyped up about the game.
  4. There's been a number of videos that have hit the internet regarding Free Radical's early build of the game. http://youtu.be/o8hVCjqRQ-U http://youtu.be/cBJFij8ejLc http://youtu.be/rlJPbUoYZCE http://youtu.be/PTDMAB1yvvE http://youtu.be/RVV5OTOGi14 http://youtu.be/fT4g0LAiOw0 I'm liking the air support idea they were working on. Reminds me of the SWBF1 days. It made for better game play in my opinion. Source
  5. We're starting to get a pick up in rumors for the game obviously. I could feed that rumor mill myself by injecting the idea that somewhere... someone in the Lucas Arts Bubble... is starting up the hype machine and generating a buzz about the game again. But I wouldn't do something like that.
  6. Looks like the rumor mill is just starting to churn pretty good. Edit: Admin please move this thread to SWBF3 forum. Sry, thought I was there when I posted.
  7. More news on the rumor front... things are starting to get interesting.
  8. Any SWBF2 admin or Clans with SWBF2 servers, can set up their own leaderboards for their server at: http://www.SWBF2Stats.net The site will keep track of kills, deaths, KDR, scores, and sort them for you according to faction, map, game mode, players stats, etc. Clans can set up their own private leaderboard for their own community. The site has also got a keyhash search tool for SWBF2 admins who want to check and see what alias' (or other names) a player has been playing under. You can probably forget about the official Lucas Arts leaderboards. Even when they accurate (first month of game release), there were problems with player stat padding. One of the main issues was that you could set up a server... PW it... load it up with bots on easy... and play all night by yourself and simply rank on up. You're also ranking against the entire community of players that used to play constantly and consistently for years. At SWBF2Stats.net, the leaderboards are as up to date as the server admins want them.
  9. The most promising news I've heard so far for Battlefront 3. Lucas Arts has licensed the Unreal 3 engine. There's actually a number of stories about it: http://www.google.com/search?btnG=1&pws=0&q=lucas+arts+licenses+unreal+3+engine And if you're interested in a pretty good theory... listen to this guy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDBpIRXB4aE I know it's not confirmation of SWBF3.... but it ranks up there for something beyond the speculation.
  10. Dude im following you all over the bf2 forums

  11. http://forums.lucasarts.com/thread.jspa?threadID=143789&tstart=0&start=0 By default the LA discussion forum lists last post first... so you have to go back a few pages to see the first post.
  12. It's not true... because there hasn 't been any information released on said imagined project.
  13. Not sure if you need a patch for Win7. My experience has been that I've known players that have had no issues and some that can't even run the game(s) (discussed HERE). If there are any issues with SWBF1 you can check with =TPR= linked in that thread. They've been around since the old SWBF1 days and are still kickin' on the game. I would say the same thing for SWBF2. Although... I know many more ppl that run SWBF2 just fine on Win7 64 bit with no issues (including myself and I'm on a quad core). More often than not, I find the ones that do have issues are running a dual core... and it's usually an AMD. The problem with PC and old games is that there are so many configurations and setup variations, you really won't know until you install and see. Wish I could be more help. You can check out the SWBF2 TweakGuide . The guide is good for SWBF1 and SWBF2. GL !
  14. The +123 Mod has been updated to v2.2 and is available here. There are a couple maps that will conflict with the Conversion pack if you have it installed as Bokken mentioned. The +123 Mod won't change any of your originally installed SWBF2 Game files and the download is only 154 MB. Remarkably small considering it's adding in excess of 123 maps/modes to your SWBF2 game.
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