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    well, its me, for those who actully remember me... I have made a serious decision in my life, and right now, theres no one for me right now, i didnt know who to talk to..nobody gives a **** anymore, im so alone, i lost my happiness, my life is pure darkness... I dont want help, i cant get help since i cant talk anymore, i cant stay at the same spot for more then 10sec, i need the heaviest drugs to stay normal, not happy, just normal...I have no future, my friends ditched me, i practilly live on the streets...its funny how my life went from this high...to this low, ****, just cuz of one girl, that I gave myself too, for 5 months, i was everything to her, she was everything to me, but yeah, life ****ing sucks, i cant take it anymore, so i simply decided to end it, i know that its the way for me to be happy, nothing can actully make me happy, nothing, beside that, its the solution, atleast i wont feel anything anymore, ill be able to be happy, so yeah, why did i come here to say this? i dunno, i actully beleive u guys care, maybe not true, but right now i feel like u people care...its a miracle that i can actully type with all the tears going to my eyes, i wish i was a kid again, i was so innocent, didnt know about all of these problems, god, this is so painfull, its like, bleeding slowly, very, very painfuly, for 3 weeks, non stop, without seeing the solution, without any body, do u know how much its impossible it is to live, im not even living anymore, every day is survival, i never know if ill make it..but tonight, i give up, its 2h30 in the morning, ive had maybe 3h of sleep everynight for the past 3 weeks, my eyes are black, but i cant go to sleep, i cant fall alseep... anyways, thanks for reading this, its scary to know that while u reading this right now, im not even alive anymore, im dead in the streets, its pretty scary if u ask me, so yeah, thats it for me...see u guys in hell, probably.. Charles Olivier Jurtschyschyn 1986-2003
  2. Welcome to the LF network, watch your step, and enter this wonderful place! I don't know why, but I feel like joining this forum again... Whats up?
  3. Time change, people change I knew this forum was going to change when we mixed everything, and the mixing killed alot of things that made the Harbor fun to read anyways, Im leaving too, I honestly don't know why im here, never really was funny or brought anything different to be reconize... Nice to know u all Enjoy life
  4. Chef Tony is hilarious, when im bored at like 2am, I watch him do his crap, hahahaha I hate Reese Something Spoon
  5. yeah, your still on my msn, but you havn't logged on in ages, new address?
  6. yay, MiLegend is here!! Hello guys, old guy from the old mil forum, great to have u here Hello Junior, long time no talk
  7. Dead tie between N64 and SNES, its too hard to choose The memories of Donkey Kong Country 1,2,3..Mario Kart..Metroid..Mortal Kombat...etc etc etc But N64, god, Mario Kart 64, DK64, Rogue Squadron, Goldeneye..etc etc etc..
  8. Damn Natty, fine stuff u got there on the pic!!! :brow: Cheer up babe, you'll find the one soon, your still young, relax...
  9. My sister is 12, and she didnt get the sex talk yet but when I was 7, I could practicly teach a sex class
  10. If I remember, those pools thing awards never worked out..
  11. what you guys doing?? any sweet cool plans!! working? partys?? what is it this year??!! Im working, Lifeguard again, but alot more clubbin, since I look 21 hehe!!
  12. why soo much blood?? Love the little garbage dude
  13. Well, it gave me a very good and fun reading, they should actully come more often!
  14. hum..where does the wall come from? off a building? I seek info
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