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  1. the weidest one i saw was the shotguns for the republic fired blood red.
  2. I Got A marksman reward once. to get that you have to get 10 headshots.
  3. This Isnt Gonna Help Your Game, But its funny.First Pick Geonosis Pick The CIS and get a genonosis star fighter Go Land It On an AT-TE And get out, as The AT-TE Goes Away Your Ship Stays i mid air. COOL
  4. What Would A Clone Commander Look Like On Ep.II Battles? Would They Look Like Red Arc Troopers. I Dont Know.Any Ideas?
  5. I Just Saying that the Sould have heros that we want to see. they have alot of good ones. but some people want to see kit fisto or maybe plo koon. i'd hope that they would have Wedge.Who do you wish that they put in this game.
  6. On Naboo On Some of the Pillars The Are Gun Turrets.Gives you a good View Of the BattleFront
  7. Its Been Confermied You guys Live in te past
  8. Man Cleberty Mode Is Gonna ROCK Because Its A FreeForAll Death Match Only HEROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  9. The Jedi Temple Map Is When Vaders 501 attacks the temple and jedi defend it SO you Will be fighting Jedi With Clones
  10. Todays Heros Are > > > The Confedercy Heros General Grevious :Force power: Rage Jango Fett:Power: Flame Thrower Dooku:Force Power:Lighting Darth Maul:Force Power:Saber Throw
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