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  1. Kreia: I was cast down. Stripped of my power. Exiled. And interestingly in an alternate version of that scene it says that they cast Kreia out because she did not wish to kill the Exile: {Alternate}I did not wish to kill you, so they cast me down. Stripped me of my power. Exiled me.
  2. No, I don't think any other Jedi or Sith could defeat Nihilus save the Exile. This is why Visas stays with the Exile, and part of the reason why Kreia sought the Exile out as well. The Exile separated herself from the Force, Nihilus' power is separating connections to the Force and feeding on the death that is a result thereof. But if the Exile has no connection to the Force how can he kill her? He even tried in that scene on the Ravager and it only weakened him. If he had tried that on any other Jedi it would have killed them, like it killed those at Katarr.
  3. Me. Looks waaay too hot. It was 76 degrees F today and it was killing me. I missed that heat tolerance gene apparently.
  4. I like all music except Rap & Hip-Hop (which I loathe). I particularly like the Neo-Tradionalist movement that country music experienced during the late 80s & early 90s. And the singer/songwriters of early 70s rock.
  5. Singin' in the Rain (1952) Starring Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, Donald O'Connor, & Jean Hagen.
  6. Time to show my fossilness, but I've always thought that The Cars & Foreigner were overrated. All their music sounds the same. There's hardly any variations in the tracks on there albums. **Goes back to listening to KFSL.**
  7. **clears throat** Fangirls, too. And no we're not as numerous. Oh, well. But even I know the Exile has her limits, just like Revan does, just like Luke, Obi-Wan, and Vader do.
  8. K1: I like all the characters from K1, but the ones I take with me the most are Carth, Jolee & Juhani TSL: I like most the characters from K2 with the exceptions of GO-TO and Handmaiden. KOTOR: On Taris I keep Carth with me at all times and either Mission or T3. Dantooine: Carth & Canderous until I get Bastila back and then her and Carth. Tatooine: Bastila & Mission (for personal side quest purposes & Carth and my PC are not talking to each other at this point). Kashyyyk: Carth & Zaalbar, then Carth & Juhani, then Carth & Jolee. Korriban: Carth (of course) & Juhani, HK, or Jolee depending on my mood. Leviathan: Juhani always. To me it makes more sense because she doesn't have to break herself out of a cell, just keep hidden. Manaan: Carth & Jolee. Unknown World: Carth & Juhani, then Jolee & Juhani (of course) Star Forge: Either Carth & Jolee or Juhani. Or Jolee & Juhani. The latter actually makes more sense because you fight so many dark Jedi. The Sith Lords: Peragus: Kreia & Atton (obviously) Citadel Station: Same as above (of course) Telos: Bao-Dur & Atton (sometimes Kreia though) Dantooine: Bao-Dur & Atton sometimes Bao & Disciple Dxun/Onderon Part 1: Bao-Dur (Roleplay reasons don't want to go into it much, might spoil that fanfic I'll never write. ) Nar Shaddaa: Bao-Dur & HK. Dxun/Onderon Part II: Disciple leads the Dxun party with Atton & Bao-Dur. My Exile takes Mira to Onderon along with Kreia. Korriban: Bao-Dur & whoever I feel like, usually Visas, Mira, or Disciple. Although Atton has a couple of good lines. Citadel Station: Bao-Dur & Atton. Think I like Bao-Dur & Carth.
  9. I would also like to point out (and I apologize if someone said it already) that Kreia wants Nihilus dead. The Exile is the key to doing that, and it would be in Kreia's best interest to tell the Exile everything she knows about him.
  10. They create a bubble around themselves in which the Force doesn't exsist. They do this to keep the vornskrs (who hunt using the Force) from eating them.
  11. Not to mention that with a Ysalimiri there goes most of Revan's power. And there is an Anti-Nihilus power; it's called the Exile.
  12. Um, well you see I have this thing for men with horns... Have I mentioned how much I love Bao-Dur recently? IMHO, TSL was a wonderful game right up until Malachor and then it fell apart. I still like it better though than K1, even with all it's faults.
  13. Never said he was a carbon copy of Valen. I said Carth reminded me of Valen. I did however say that Bastila was a carbon copy of Aribeth (or pretty close). Glad you like him. I played Carth before Valen, and I liked Valen better. It might be because Valen and the PC are still a couple, something I don't see happening for Revan regardless of gender. Or that Valen appeals more to me personally. Or may be it's because he has horns.
  14. I find it incredibly funny that people say that K1 had "Star Wars style music" since I heard the exact same music in Neverwinter Nights that I did on Korriban. Also a lot of the music in K2, especially that that plays on Dxun, sounds almost exactly like the music that plays when the Federation ships are landing on Naboo in The Phantom Menace. I don't know about you but it took me 30+ hours to complete both games. But then I stop and talk to almost everyone, even the "filler" people that just walk around an area, like the people on Taris & Tatooine in K1 and those on Onderon & Nar Shaddaa in K2. You learn interesting things this way. Like on Dantooine in K1 one of the Jedi says that the Sith torture Jedi prisoners into embracing the DS. Sounds a lot like what Atton used to do, doesn't it? Ah yes. This is something that always bothered me about K1. In that you can be a total jerk to say Juhani for example, and she'll still tell you her story after you've leveled up again. Like she would tell me about one of the most humiliating times of her life (being a slave) after I'd mocked her, called her a freak etc only to be mocked again? I don't think so. Also something that bugged me was that there was no confrontation between Juhani and Canderous in the first game. She does talk about him, but only in the cut content (and granted she does say she's been avoiding him, but they'd have to be in the same room at some time, yes?). This is something I really liked about the TSL, the confrontation between Bao-Dur and Mandalore. It's more realistic, that all your companions don't get along.
  15. Only when stating facts. And as far as I can see this thread is mostly about opinion. Which I believe was the original question to begin with anyway: Which do you prefer? For me and several others it seems to be TSL or others it's KOTOR. Neither one is right, but neither is wrong either.
  16. I mean no offense by this but, if you've played other BioWare games you'd see that the characters in KotOR aren't all that authentic. At least Carth and Bastila aren't. Carth reminds of me of Valen (and just for the record I like Valen better). And Bastila is a damn near carbon copy of Aribeth right down to the british accent and joining the enemy against the PC. I prefer the Sith Lords and the reason being is that in almost every EU book of the Star Wars galaxy that I've read there's some big bad villian with a big bad super weapon and to see that annoying trend repeated in K1 really grates. And I continued to play the same character that I started out as. Having Revan forced on me kind of annoyed me. It ruined all the background information I had made up for her (my PC) before the Leviathan. Well, that and Bao-Dur. Have I mentioned recently how much I love Bao-Dur?
  17. Leia vs. Visas? Leia is human, a senator, a princess, and as someone mentioned earlier an idealist. Who is motivated to remove the oppression of Empire from the galaxy. Her homeworld was destroyed, but she didn’t fall at Vader or Tarkin’s feet with a, “I yield Master.” She’s Force sensitive and her father is one of the biggest, baddest Sith to ever cross the galaxy. Visas is your average Miraluka, who happened to be the sole survivor of the destruction of her planet (Leia was not the only Alderaanian to survive, btw.). She let herself be bent to Nihilus’ will and helped him destroy other planets like he destroyed hers, until she meets the Exile. Handmaiden vs. Juhani? Juhani is a warrior and female. That’s where the similarities between her and HM end. Juhani’s homeworld was destroyed by the Mandalorians 20 years prior to their attack on the Republic. After that her parents fled to Taris were the oppression of aliens there made life unnecessarily hard for her. Her father was killed in a bar fight when he was drunk/high, her mother worked and starved herself to death in an attempt to keep Juhani alive, unfortunately she borrowed money from the Exchange a debt Juhani inherited and couldn’t pay so they sold her into slavery. Fortunately before Xor (who, btw, is the same man that killed her father) could take possession of her Revan and her Jedi show up and kick the Exchange off the planet. This event leads Juhani to realize her calling, she wants to be a Jedi, to help people the way that Revan and her Jedi helped her. So she works her way off Taris to Dantooine, where she is accepted and begins her training. However, her (understandable) anger at her past gets her in way leading her to the confrontation with Quatra and her fleeing to the grove which is where we meet her in the game for the first time. Handmaiden is the illegitimate child of Yusani’s of Enchani and Arren Kae, Jedi Master. She is looked down on by her sisters because of the “taint” of her conception. The betrayal the was involved in it. She’s a servant of Atris, and seeks to become the best of her sisters, but her interest in things other than fighting (read: the Force) keep getting in her way. Her father was killed by Revan, and, possibly, her mother is an ex-Sith Lord. Nope not much similarity there. Oh, about the music thing. The music on Dxun in the second game sounds just like the music in The Phantom Menace when the Federation ships are landing on Naboo.
  18. I began playing KotOR as Shayla Varn. I ended it playing Revan. I began playing the Sith Lords as Isan Ilar. I ended it playing Isan Ilar. The Exile wins in my books.
  19. I voted for Carth/Revan. It's my favorite, however if Obsidian had made Bao a romance it would have been him. I'm still mad at them for that.
  20. The second playthrough doesn't have to be a DS game. I've yet to play DS and I've heard/seen Atton's "Are you an angel?" line.
  21. The confrontation scene between the Ebon Hawk crew and the bounty hunters that EagerWeasel posted. The quote in my sig and: Bao-Dur: Hey, General you okay? Exile: What are talking about? Bao-Dur: You look like you've been standing too close to one of my shield generators. Exile: You sure you haven't been chewing on power cables? Bao-Dur: Whoa. Claws out today, aren't they? And (this kinda goes with the stuff Mira said about Atton not showering enough): Atton: Nal Hutta's as slimy as the Hutts, lots of swamp and bloated gas. It's where those slugs reach out and grab chunks of the galaxy. Trust me, we're not going to go anywhere near the place unless we want to be washing the stink out of our clothes for the next few years. Disciple: It might take longer than that for some of us. or Handmaiden's response: That bad? I didn't anything could compel you to bathe.
  22. ^^Cut dialog. There was supposed to be several cutscene between Atton and Mira regarding F!Exile. My choice is Bao-Dur. Because he's the only normal person on Ebon Hawk. That and he's sexy.
  23. LS consular. Which is not surprising given that I always play spellcasters in NWN and the like.
  24. I know. I thought that odd too. My PC was like uh-huh and Master Vandar would attract more attention that you? The most wanted person in the galaxy? But then of course they sent her because of the Force bond between her and Revan.
  25. Bastila: "I wondered if the Council wanted to see how I would help and guide you on our quest. I wondered if they were testing me to see if I was ready to become a Jedi Master myself. And then I realized how foolish such thoughts were. As the Council explained, sending a Master in our group would only have drawn unwanted attention from the Sith. The fate of the galaxy is at stake, the Council would not risk it merely to test me. They calculated the risks and in the end chose the only option available."
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