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  1. Wait... loading is still messed up. If I die, I can instantly reload the last save (as it's supposed to), but if I start up the game and go to the SP load menu... the load will crash the game.
  2. Heck, not only does this fix it, it fixed the problem I was about to post (namely, crash every time I try to load anything. Thanks a lot.
  3. That did it! Major props to you for that fix. You are awesome. Next question, the next logical step and one I don't think anyone can answer: What the HELL does the crosshair have to do with 3D Acceleration
  4. I decided to do some retro-gaming today, taking advantage of being home sick, but I ended up doing more debugging than playing. And I still can't get it. It seems that any time I turn on 3D Accel for 16-bit textures, the game crashes as soon as I try to return to game/load a level. I've tried all resolutions, the "buffer in memory" option, and all that, and none work with 3D on. I need this on for JK to look normal - otherwise, really kick-butt levels like Spiral's "Haven" levels look all fruity and pixelated. I've also tried using Compatibility Mode with no luck. Is my PC too good for retro nowadays? Everything related to performance: nVidia e-GeForce 7800 AMD Athlon 64 3700+ 3 GB DDR Memory I'm thinking it may be the GPU, since I upgraded from the 6600 not too long ago. This is a depressing thought: I may not be able to JK anymore! Anyone know of a fix for this?
  5. Can't remember if this was already posted or not... "Translation: 2% probability that the miniature organic is simply looking for trouble and needs to be blasted. That may be wishful thinking on my part, master." --HK-47
  6. (In the tomb of Tulak Hord) Player: You're a madman! Jorak Uln: Now, now, what's a little mental instability between teacher and pupil, hmm?
  7. Rage. Now there's a useless force power. Not as much speed boost as Speed, takes away health and makes you slower afterward. Where's the upside?
  8. See, Heal gets more healed at a time. Plus, you don't need to be in range of an opponent to Heal. In the biz, we call that a "tactical withdrawal" or "0MFG MY H34l1h |z 4t f|\/e l3mm3 h34l!"
  9. Dude, I can't get anything from that really bad post, I can't even make out what your IQ is. Just kidding. But consider two things: 1) Everyone else so far (with the exception of Totenkopf ) has been able to "make out" someone in the crowd who is bald, has a Malak-like chest plate, and what-not. 2) I really just meant to point out where it was, so if you were in-game you'd be able to see it for yourself. (And in-game he really does look like Malak.) Please, think before you post.
  10. I have already tried that. I have also completely reinstalled JA to see if that fixes it. No joy. http://img140.imageshack.us/img140/1865/shot0034yx0.jpg
  11. I can't edit or change that map. It's in compiled BSP form, and I'd have to have the .map file to change it. You know, it may be a corrupt download. That may not explain why it works in MP but not SP, but stranger things have happened to me. I'll try this download. EDIT: Okay, this is really weird. SP is still not showing textures. So I went into MP and recorded a demo of the textures working. When I play back the demo, all the usual textures are missing! What the hell??
  12. OK, I downloaded it. I still have problems. Again, I stress that the textures appear in MP, but not SP. Bah, I have the textures now, I'll probably not have any problems except with this map.
  13. I've been using the JO FFA Maps converted to JA for a while now. I recently noticed a problem: In SP mode, on ffa_raven, the computer textures aren't showing up. Instead, I see this: http://img170.imageshack.us/img170/2723/dfltew1.jpg However, in MP mode it works fine. How can I get these textures to work with JASP? This is of importance to me because I want to use that texture in a map I am creating.
  14. http://warpedproductions.echonetwork.net/jatut1.html
  15. That worked, now I can spawn Vader. Oh, and because of this info, I amped Luke's health to 500. Maybe now he won't die so often, hmm?
  16. @ the above. Capital punishment is indeed distasteful, but we're not exactly in charge, here. We Americans made a big stink over the "using the Iraqis to put Saddam on trial" as a publicity stunt. we have to accept the full ramifications of that. They're free to arse-rape him if they sentence him that way (though we certianly would throw a fit if they did). All things considered, if he has to die, then I'd rather we do it. Hanging, I hear, if not done correctly, is extremely painful. At least the needle has no pain to it. Or, again, as I've been told. I'm not one to want to experience that to find out, because I'd be dead and all, but I've no reason not to believe there's no pain to the needle. After all, it's the 21st century, and we've got to have learned how to do something in that time.
  17. Um... this is a skin for MP. I don't think it has one. If it does, I don't know where to find it
  18. http://www.cnn.com/2006/WORLD/meast/11/05/dujail.saddam/index.html Regardless of my opinion of the war, all I can say is that it's about freaking time. The guy deserved it in Gulf War I, and he's finally getting it.
  19. OK, there are a couple of models I wanted to try. They are "darthvader" and "KC_OldBenKenobi". When I try "playermodel darthvader" I get this:
  20. I was wondering: If I've got a downloaded MP Skin from JA, can I use the playermodel cheat to get it in SP? If so, how?
  21. Not if you set Revan to DS in KotOR II.
  22. Oh, you mean at that fork in the path? Yeah, I just wait them out. They'll come at me for sure... then they're dead.
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