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  1. I really like Gorc & Pic in the cutscenes, mostly cause they are CGI and have a cool concept.
  2. No response... Anybody else has it, please?
  3. I was just wondering if anyone has downloaded, when it was available" the Scumm Xplorer for Mac. I've found the original page on a web archiver. Here is where it was: http://web.archive.org/web/20021111161644/http://macscumm.mixnmojo.com/xplorer.html Thanks!
  4. One last thing about Jedi Knight and, in fact on the add-on "Mysteries of the Sith": What I'd like to do, is pick up the cutscene (just the introduction scene), but the video files are not the same type than the JK cutscenes. So, which one is the intro scene? And can it be read the same way of the JK scenes? Thanks, and sorry to bother you with all that!...
  5. Ok, it works very well with BMut! Once again, thanks a lot!
  6. Thanks a lot! It works very well for the textures! For the menu backgrounds, it seems that they are in .bm format (bkforce.bm, bkmain.bm,...), which isn't supported by Mat16... I've tried to convert them with bitmat16.9, but it doesn't work, cause it's for Dark Forces BMs. So, now I'm sure that the menu backgrounds are .bm. How can I convert them? It must be some kind of "JK menus creation" app, no?
  7. I've tried ConMan, and it works very well But, what I'd like is to have the graphic files (textures and menu backgrounds) as easy readable files, such as .jpg for example. Is there any way to convert the JK files? Here is an exemple of what I'd like to have, but without the text: I guess the background picture itself must be somewhere in the GOB files, but only in a JK format. Anyone knows?
  8. Hi! I'd like to have some textures and the menu pictures, wich I guess are in the .GOB files. So, how can I open a .GOB file? Or, if you have the textures and the menus background pictures, I'm interested!
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