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    A college grad attempting to finish my MA in Comm Studies and am going crazy studying for my comp exams!!!
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    Buried in books...literally
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    Building minatures of astrodroids, my greatest was R4-H3, a fully functional astromech droid with capabilities that could rival R2-D2 and I train as a member of the Zelkan Handmaidens of Andorra
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    Teaching communications and anthropology
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    Assassin's Creed
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    Internet Explorer
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  1. Just had a chance to look at them last night. Sorry, I've been really busy.

  2. I sent my edits. Hope they work out.

  3. I haven't had a chance to read it completely but I will look at it.

  4. Do you like my second installment? :)

  5. I got it and I am looking at it. I'm on my last two classes for my MA program and I am looking at what to do for my thesis. Busy days ahead of us.

  6. I sent the updated story to you and I apologize for the delay. I've been busier then normal and I may be moving soon.

  7. I know how that works. Work on it when you can. But I am excited about what you have planned.

  8. A few things. Sorry about the lack of updates on the story. Been very busy lately and I started working again. I'll work on it tonight for a little bit.

  9. So what do you have planned for Belina ;)

  10. Sounds like more of a teaser for more of this verse being created. Hey, question: Would you mind if I posted The Wedding of the Jedi on fanfiction.net? I'll make sure to give credit. Unless you want to do it?

  11. I think I can add a bit more to it xD

  12. Cool. I hope you finish the last bit of the piece or you could make it a standalone.

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