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  1. Aspyr... these guys are just bad news... someone should kick these guys out of the game industry (or out of the planet for that matter) for the sake of humanity. Talk about crappy emulations.
  2. Well yeah, it would be much more profitable if the game is made for great consoles like NES, and maybe handheld like GameBoy. I am sure 89% of people have them, or have access to them. I am EXCUSE ME??? *cough* Well, on the serious side, I can see how making the game for PSP would be reasonable, since it is still the most popular portable game system for gamers. (3DS not out yet, NDS is a bit weird for it, so PSP would be the most viable handheld for most games, and anyojne who that is related to the production of PSPGo would serve the world better by having a nice lobotomy with a HUGE icepick)
  3. Remember one thing, anthing you hear is from some Jedi Historian. So the truth on how Revan is thinking at the time remains not totally known. My guess is that he is using the Sith Emperor from day one, to build his own vision of a Republic (which is basically Revan's Empire). And note that the timeline kinda totally ignores the Exile? Maybe everyone thinks that the canon of of having that stupid Mical poodoo on the Ebon Hawk is a bad idea, Briana ftw. (Yes, I don't mind Exile being female, but Mical I CANNOT stand)
  4. Well, he got a nice wife, and a boy... its all good.
  5. Well, everyone would want to play more than one fraction. Maybe they have one main character/fraction, but they would still want to try others. You may be restricted to one fraction per server, but I don't think they would be stupid enough to restrict one fraction per account; which means people would have to own multiple accounts, and that is totally a female dog. You bat I am going to play both sides, even if it means getting two accounts.
  6. I always think that Starkiller is trained to use the backwards style by Vader, in memory of his last apprentice. Though his last apprentice comes with the backwards style even before he met her...
  7. Imperial Knight skins... OMG... anyone can dream i guess...
  8. DAMN THIS WOULD BE GREAT!!! So the ending levels are actually Galeen Marrek instead? That would make sense for how Kota reacts to him "seeing" starkiller again though (esp the TFU2 trailer ones).
  9. Well... technically Vader-Galen is a sort of master-apprentice relationship... so he should feel better when it comes to galen's spark.
  10. Would be fun to see one of them kill the other... adds to the tragic beauty of the darker times...
  11. Well, like it or not, the backwards lightsaber is the trademark for Galen now. personally I would prefer something else, but being inconsistant thru out the series would be worse... Then again I am one of those fuys who think OT sword fights leaves waaaay too many open moves and PT fights are mostly flashyly suicidal.
  12. The Spear thing sounds like Katarn to me... something about Midnight Spear or sometyhing... but then again it was a long time ago...
  13. Well, just give us a few ways to combine the current powers, and more creative hack n slash styles, and its all cool.
  14. Well, I always think that his suit is partially run by some sith magical formula or something, and it may interfere with some of the force ability. I won't be surprised if Vader could use force lightning if he pulls out his mechanical arm.
  15. Galen's dead is dad. Well, first off, not everyone believe the Galenin the story is a real, or unaltered, ex-hero force user that we know of. Most people assume/seen/felt that he is dead. By all means Juno can be working for the Empire even after the story.
  16. If that is so... I would really want to see Juno Eclipse's Voice Actor...
  17. Maybe they will rip us off by having these game modes unlocked via DLC... You know, some slimeball companies will do that.
  18. Just take the "EXCEPT ME" out and its all fine... Whatever the process is... its is not complete and thats also the interesting part. Also, it won't be impoissable that he is deliberately remade so he will once again sniff out the Alliance, given his known bond with Lady Eclipse.
  19. Well... depends on how you define stronger. Starkiller is probably a deadlier guy in combat, and his telekinetic force powers are impressive indeed. But in general he is trained for that purpose to start with. Luke seems to be a bit more well rounded though. But I do think that he is less deadly in combat, even though combat does not mean everything. Even with the toned down level of force from the game, Starkiller is still quite a powerful one.
  20. Choke is cooler... and you get to do cool cruel things with it. Think about dunking people into hot lava like you are dunkin' Donuts into your coffee... only that the donut screams.
  21. Master Tolme!! \ We know his wife survived into the Legacy era, but what of Tolme?
  22. Unfortunately after empire at war most non-jedi star wars games actually sucked... think of the Piece of poodoo named Lethal Alliance with that gimpy yellow twi'lek girl (not to mention gross violation of canon). Lets hope that Kotor Online is going better.
  23. My idea is that subject 1157 is the successful cloned Galen, but the real Galen is still alive. After the light side ending of TFU, Galen is recoverd by vader to Kamino, clones of Galen are made, and the original is deemed to be destroyed, which has escaped. Basically this would end up as subject 1157 vs the real Galen... one being darkside one being light. As for which is whichm that would depend on gameplay.
  24. Speaking of rancor... remember that in some old comic the empire have some modified rancor things that protects the Throne world. Also, my vision of the Good Galen vs Bad Galen fight ... Oh, from afar, the little poster with Galen's head appearing between two lightsabers make him looks a bit like Gordon... then again Galen dual-wielding two crowbars would be silly.
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