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  1. Whats up with nuking random people anyways. There goes the time where everyone zooms into the flames of battle riding a mean old basilisk cyborg while reaping everything apart with a good old vibro lance.
  2. Not Twi'lek only. But the idea is "Beautiful Women" Then again, it all depends on what you would call "beauty" Hack! What I was really young I would consider Ewok Princess Kneesaa or Latara "a beauty"
  3. Panzerwerfer... a panzer-waffle would be superior... and easier to launch.
  4. http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/4/46/WyyrlokIV_Stryfe.jpg Not a purple Twi'lek, but a blue Chagrian is fine too.
  5. ... a bunch of peaceful guys nailing sequins to our capes perhaps?
  6. We need a picture for the icon of this group. I suggest a vote on which girls we should use for the icon. Hutts not allowed.
  7. Saarai, Chagrian Sith apprentice, future Darth Wyyrlok IV. http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/4/46/WyyrlokIV_Stryfe.jpg
  8. On average, most jedi actually have attachments (even if its to other jedis), though admiting that is a whole different matter.
  9. Pantoran senator Riyo Chuchi!!!!!!!!!! <3 http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/thumb/7/7a/Riyo_Chuchi.jpg/250px-Riyo_Chuchi.jpg
  10. Somehow I wonder if anyone succeed in sending Obama that "Chocolate Rain" song... (don't get me wrong, Zonday is actually good with his music at times)
  11. @Q: Then don't buy the kid that toy heavy cannon! Buy him something more mellow, like one of those cute little pink tactical assault armor with power claws.
  12. It eould be nice indeed if someone can actually spam rickroll's email with rickroll, it would be for the ultimate lulz.
  13. Mission. Though recently I favor "Darth Sunshine", and oh, Blue is nice also.
  14. Is there ever a picture of a female Mandy? We know these exists, I mean, so far we have never heard of a mandy cabin boy yet.
  15. This is, some Sith followers were too deeply rooted in the former jedi training they so recieved, an unfortunate weakness I would say. Sometimes a simple thermodatonator or a force guided bullet would do the job many times better than the lightsaber. The 'saber is but one of the many toys a sith can use.
  16. Korriban... and seriously i would say duel-wield a 'saber and a 'saber-resistant sith blade (better yet, cortosis), and carry a slug thrower just for the enjoyment of it.
  17. Personally I think saber color according to class is kinda dumb. Basically you are telling your enemy what they are facing... Personally I prefer dual wielding one saber and one mundane blade weapon. The different properties of the two swords allows for many flexable and creative tactics. Better yet, lightsaber and a nice blaster or slug thrower pistol. This would greatly increase your attack range. Plus, solid slugs of various properties aided with force powers would be effective in many ways.
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