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  1. gamershell.com is also a big download site. They usually have everything.
  2. As far as I know, you can save multiplayer games in any game. Age of empires II did this when it went 'Out Of Sync'. (Crashing in other words) And then you just have to restart. The problem was getting all the players back. Now, I think it's just a 1v1 so I won't be a problem. Even better for a ladder imo.
  3. If it's integrated than I don't have a problem. :-) But I won't willingly but if there's no other choice than yeah
  4. Maybe 20 Ion cannons if they're lucky
  5. People do it all the time... If you're defending a trade route for example, one line won't cut it cause they'll rush in. If you have 3 lines you have time to reinforce it till back up comes.
  6. If your opponent is a person then he won't go in through the corridor. Unless you're noob or really confident.
  7. I have the feeling it's going to be one-sided for the empire. I sure hope they have good tesers that can even it up.
  8. Maybe this is why the demo isn't out yet, 'cause all these magazines and gamesites can test it first ?
  9. lol, if it takes that much time to make sure of that just for a demo than I'm not really optimistic for the full version.
  10. But I thought they were ready with the demo??? I mean, it isn't THAT hard to upload it...
  11. You know, there are things called patches.
  12. don't overreact, 512 ram is more than in enough to run this. It's enough for Rome TW and Warhammer. So np.
  13. You guys wait and see till I play online, than you'll think differently !
  14. I really really really dislike the fact that they put: Strong against and Weak against. This is something the player should discover and see how he or she plays best.
  15. I'm pretty sure there will be players who will put nothing but defence on certain planets to make it a trap
  16. That's just the coolest part. What's awesome about seeing your fighters and ships sweeping up what's left of the enemy.
  17. Same principal goes for Rome: Total War. People who play it regularly should know this. The more towns the more pop = more troops. If you have too many troops, more payments (duh) <b>but</b> you can't keep recruiting from the same town. Eventually there won't be enough people inside! So ya, same but I doubt it'll make that much difference anyway. Every RTS starts slow, when we start in the galaxy we'll have barely any resources. We still have to travell over several planets before even encountering an oposing force. By the time we do, our empires will have grown economically and military. Therefor I'm not very worried. Nor against the popcap.
  18. Not always, in Starcraft you can save the replay but if you watch it, you'll see that not everything is the same as you did! Just the amount of kills etc become the same. And offcourse, I know in RTS games there is less lag than normal but I prefer to watch live More exciting, that way you watch it without knowing the outcome! Is what most experienced RTS-players do, I remember when I still played Age of empires I never watched the battle. I was always too busy replanting farms etc... Same for Age of Mythology. Now with EaW there is less economics to worry about and more battlefocus.
  19. Recording can cause lag in online games. And you can't always micro-manage the battle, sometimes you have to go cinematic coz there isn't anything else to do If you're outnumbered, I'm sure anyone will do their best or retreat.
  20. They both have different tactics, uncomparable. Rebs: guerilla warfare, hit and run and that's it. Imps: they just occupy everything they can and hope to run into them that way. These tactics are used everywhere and it's obvious none of em work. See now with the USA in Irak. Is it going anywhere? No. How long has it been? Very long, especially for a country like Irak
  21. Will the rebellion fighters be able to self repair in midcombat like X-wings and Y-wings do in the movie? Or will it be a research you have to perform?
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