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  1. From what I recall, LucasForums started when JediKnight.net and Mixnmojo.com decided to integrate their forum systems to create a common community between the Star Wars and original LucasArts game communities. At the time, I was the founder of Valley of the Jedi, which what a competitor of jk.net, but joined up with LucasForums to help out with LucasGames. That was to be a unified site for all things LucasArts, but ultimately didn't get the following that the individual sites did. JediKnight.net started in 97/98, around the same time votj.com and mixnmojo.com got going. Man that was the early days of... just about everything internet related
  2. Interestingly... think of the traffic problems the deportation of illegals would solve. Not only would the sheer number of vehicles on the road decrease, all of the cars that break down on the road would disappear along with their owners!
  3. I'm here in Southern California and the reason the schools were put on lockdown is because Tuesday was the third straight school day that these kids left school to "protest". In actuality, during interviews, almost NONE of them knew why they were out of school. It is suspected that the rainy weather today (Wed) will keep most of the in school. The only solution to the illegal immigration issue that makes sense to me is to take the jobs away. How do we do that? Go after the employers who hire them and punish them for encouraging illegal immigrants to break the law by being here. Until that happens, this problem won't go away...
  4. Yeah, it's hard to judge who wins... you could say units sold, gross profit, or cultural significance . I think the ps3 will ultimately have the highest number of units. But, nintendo will probably take the cake when it comes to profit since they actually won't LOSE money on every system sold. The xbox360 doesn't offer much beyond the original besides upgraded graphics in my opinion. Also, it doesn't seem to have any must-have titles at this point... Matt
  5. I'm still around... in some form or another... *scrambles back under rock*
  6. If they do this, I deperately hope that the demo isn't packaged directly with the set as in being on the 4th disc or whatever. Maybe shrink wrap a 5th disc to the outside of the package....I don't want to look back on the dvd set a few years from now and have the demo on it. I don't know why....I guess I just like my dvds being clean, precise, and to the point swoosh
  7. it's hard to say at this point, but probably one or two at-sts would be desired to protect the at-at. who knows how many vehicles will be available in any particular level though. Swoosh
  8. Ah, sorry, I must not have noticed your thread prior to posting my own. Sorry for the simple mistake. Swoosh
  9. Man, sometimes I feel invisible on LucasForums
  10. Check out the main page for this news update! go swoosh
  11. I can't believe you guys haven't mentioned the dogs that were Rebel Assault and Rebel Assault 2! Those are my hands down worst games. Sure the graphics were great for the day, but the limiting gameplay made me feel like a prisoner. Hopefully not too many of you have been tortured by these games... I also found TPM a pretty remarkable failure. That was probably the least inventive game I have ever played....but I only wound up playing it for less than 30 min... swoosh
  12. When I was a junior in high school, one of my best friends deleted over 30 minutes of edited video for our school video yearbook. The thing that sucked was we only had 1 week before school ended for summer! I guess someone should have trained him how to mount an external hard drive..."initialize" doesn't mean "connect" It was alright though...a few sleepless nights and things were back in order...but I'll never let him forget it swoosh
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