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  1. Joe, this thread is site feedback directly to site staff. Tell me what game you are having issues with and I'll try and move this thread someplace more useful.
  2. Paul, there is a thread in the help/feedback section and also an announcement. We have a potential issue with the server's hard drive. I have moved the database data files off of the suspect drive to prove the theory to our hosting company.
  3. I think I've taken this before...I got somewhere in the 90s - Nerd god. I'll have to retake it to make sure. EDIT: This one doesn't even have that rank! Anyway, 44.77% / Major Geek
  4. matt--

    Thanks to matt--

    For any trouble -> matt@lfnetwork.com No response -> mfata@stevens.edu
  5. scvhost != svchost Made the same mistake myself once or twice.
  6. Sounds like you've got a complicated problem and reinstalling is probably easiest, as per MTV2's suggestion. However, svchost.exe is not necessarily a trojan. It is a popular name for trojans because it is a necessary and omnipresent process on all Windows XP/2000/NT systems. So don't just go killing off svchost.exe without a good reason (like it's not running from a system directory, or an antivirus product flags it). Matt
  7. Given many water guns can be easily filled with acids, I'd think that as a reasonable security threat. A t-shirt on the other hand, come on. Is the wearer going to offend the pilot into letting him in the cabin? Maybe he'll just offend passengers until the pilot agrees to hand over the controls.
  8. Couldn't they have just installed a remote kill switch?
  9. It's a problem with some javascript on whatever page you're getting it on. I don't know if you can disable the warning. See if other people in that forum found a solution. Matt
  10. I wish I could show some of the cool Xgl effects, but a jpeg can only handle so much. jmac - the second desktop you posted, what window manager is that and where'd you find those sweet widgets? I was thinking recently that I might find a replacement for conky.
  11. Yes, I know exactly what a master boot record is, jmac. Typically, grub installs stage 1 of the boot loading mechanism in the MBR. Grub misconfiguration or misuse is the easiest way to cause these symptoms, at least in my experience. To fix it requires no reinstallation - just a livecd - if this is the case. Now, if grub is installed differently in Ubuntu than the default (entirely in one primary partition), then it should just be marked active (bootable). If your partition table is totally messed, try the testdisk tool I recommended above. Btw, what distro's do you all run? I run gentoo stage-1 installs on all my machines here (laptop + amd64 + older x86), although I'm thinking of running freebsd on the x86 when I get a new hard drive for it.
  12. Can you mount /boot from a livecd? If not and fsck isn't doing for you, you could try recovering using a tool like testdisk.
  13. I agree - sounds like the boot loader. Just try reinstalling grub!
  14. What exactly did you mess with on your linux box? You run Ubuntu, don't you? That's hardly a customizer's paradise, but I'm still interested to here precisely what you did. Maybe I can render some assistance.
  15. Maybe one of the prerequisites was that you beat in on hard mode, Mr. Easy!
  16. Um, the wide cable means its a PATA (parallel ATA, or IDE) interface. Definitely not serial. Serial ATA is the narrow cable. Ultra ATA it almost certainly is, however, if it turns out that your board actually does support Serial ATA, those drives are very noticably faster.
  17. Just a correction to your side note... The predecessor of the internet, arpanet, was developed by DARPA, the defense advanced research projects agency and part of the Department of Defense. Then TCP/IP was implemented between universities by the National Science Foundation to create NSFnet. It was later opened to all sorts of public and private interests and the internet was born. What you're meaning to say is that the World Wide Web was invented by Tim Berners-Lee at CERN.
  18. Thanks everyone. I went with the majority and named it spaceunicorn. I can't get all the eye candy I want on it now, but once I do, expect lots of space unicorn screenshots. Matt
  19. The semester's over, and since I won't be needing any of the windows-specific software my university-provided laptop, I'm formatting and installing gentoo linux on it. Here's the thing though, I name all my computers, but I can't decide what to call this one. Please help out by voting for one of the above three. For the sake of posterity, these are my other current computers and their names. hydrospanner - pda zawesome - desktop vader - server astromech - craptastic laptop What should I name my laptop? What do you call your computers?
  20. ...he didn't rejoin her for no reason. He "put the family back together again." There's more to his motives than a plot device... Also, I love how bat****-freakin' loco Vice President/Only scientist Gaius Baltar is, and I hope his character remains the same.
  21. Who's excited for the upcoming 50th anniversary of time travel? On November 5, 1955, Emmett Brown slipped off his toilet and hit his head, knocking him unconscious and inspiring him with the idea of the flux capacitor, the device which makes time travel possible. How are you going to celebrate?
  22. Raiding this probably wouldn't be possible if indeed its a hard drive upgrade. I don't know about most software raid techniques, but for hardware raid, all drives involved must be of the same make and model.
  23. Imaging the drive will work in most circumstances where the hard drive is made by the same manufacturer and has a similar design, but your mileage may vary - if the hard drives use incompatible drivers then you might not be able to boot. You could always give it a shot before you format your old drive. Just google for information on imaging hard drives. The easiest solution, though, would be to just add the second drive to your first system and use it as storage for whatever's convenient. I used mine for all my media before I formatted my system, for instance.
  24. I also entered college on August 24th, but for Computer Engineering at the Stevens Institute of Technology (Hoboken, NJ).
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