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  1. Clan name= -=[Jedi of the Crimson Star]=- Leader: Bartolo.JCS Platform: PC Faction: All Timezone: All time zones Clan-tag: .JCS Website: Jedi of the Crimson Star(JCS) - we're an old clan thats been around since 1998 when we were created to sought out a more talented and mature gaming group in the game known as Jedi Knight. Needless to say the sequels(Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy) made to this game were not as satisfying as the original. A complete new website is currently under construction for the Battlefront division. Please visit http://s89458431.onlinehome.us/phpBB2/ if you need to contact anyone. Happy hunting and May the Force be with you.
  2. Will Jedi Academy be available on msn gaming zone like its predecessors?
  3. this is where we ask ourselves the same question as before, why didn't they put deadly sight in Jedi Outcast... or a multip player hitting offensive type force/weapon, the best thing to edit here in my opinion would be team heal or team drain which effect more than one target like the old concussion rifle in DF any thoughts?
  4. woot, we've been abandoned, who would have ever predicted such a thing....
  5. there are some problems with the patch, the backswings are way to powerful, if you're going to dumb down the normal swings and saber touch might as well dumb down the backswings too otherwise you end up with backward fighting matches, how fun! It doesn't take much skill to walk backwards into someone and swing. That's my 2 cents on the patch.
  6. Well if no no one starts using EQ - JCS - NFSaberswestCoastUS it will probably go down leaving yet -1 of your nf public saber servers. It has 18 public slots don't know if people stopped using it because of the patch or what?...
  7. is now available on http://www.shacknews.com i've uploaded another mirror http://jcs.planetjs.com/files/ under jko files Enjoy!
  8. My code of honor is very simple. Force is cheap therefore I don't use it. That isn't to say I'm not good with it because I am. I just don't find it entertaining to have people calling you asshole everytime you choke and throw them off a ledge to their death. In NF the matches become more rational and skilled to compete in. There is less luck if you will. For Sabers I tend to bow now. Never strike an unarmed person and use the 1 hit kill swing from time to time but not all the time. I like to finish them off with style. The funny thing is not everyone respects the same things I do so when this happens I change my name to something ironic such as What's Respect? and I begin to use the 1 hit wonder continuously. LOL
  9. Can someone help me with this jedilive program? Like how do I make it work?... also don't know if the bug about not being able to swing after saber clashes has been announced but there you go raven.
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