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  1. Sith warrior just announced 4 Down... 4 to go.
  2. Sure, make them do EVERY melee attack animation again mirrored, and then make sure these mirrored attacks match up to a right handed player during a duel, just to please a few people who want their character to be left handed... :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  3. The size of the project and the sheer amount of people working on it means they'll need BIG profits. Once off sales probably wouldn't cover the cost of making the game. They need those monthly payments to actually recover the millions of dollars that are going into making this game. Say it's a $50 game, and it comes with 2 months subscription out of the box. If everyone bought another 10 months of subscription at $10 a month, they've literally trebled what their profits would be compared to a single sale (ignoring the fact that the retailer takes a cut of that original $50) And say 2 million people bought it. That's $300 million compared to $150 million if it was a standalone game. (and thats just for 1 year worth of subscriptions) This is why blizzard could buy a small country
  4. The KOTOR user interface would be USELESS for an MMO. It's fine for a stop and start turn based RPG where you can pause the game and queue up skills, but you dont want to be scrolling through skills mid fight in an MMO. You need to be able to hit a single button and know that that skill will start immediately. You need a hotbar on the screen.
  5. Do you know WHY you pay each month? Because the game isn't finished after you play for 20 hours... It keeps going and going and going. As for your other questions, no you won't die permanently. You'll probably respawn back in town, minus a bit of XP. Yes, like any online game, you can't pause it. That's the nature of online games. No the game wont end when someone kills the main boss. He will respawn and everyone will get a chance to kill him. People can come and go online as they please. Bioware has even said you can pull people into your instanced events while they're underway. If you want to do an event a different way, you'll probably have to use a different character. You'll end up having a few of them. The game is broken up into quests. No one quest will take you 30 hours (i'm assuming). If you do die mid quest and have to do it again, you should only lose 10 minute-2 hours of your time. Believe me, if you're at all serious about playing an MMO, this IS NOT a large amount of time. You'll make plenty of friends in game from various time zones, and there will always be randoms you can party up with for quests. Maybe you should go try another MMO for a couple of months just to see how they work.
  6. Yes, but guild wars had a level cap of 20, so after a short amount of time you had access to every skill available
  7. 6 months + 9 month pregnancy > "Just over a year" DOES NOT COMPUTE!! Did you knock her up and go "well, we may as well just be together" ?
  8. Well, there was a lot in this video, and most of it flew past too fast to see Force choke was shown, as was the "Force Persuade" dialogue option for the Sith character, shown here Smuggler cover system shown and a bounty hunter ability called "Electro dart" The republic ship flying around inside the landing bay and firing looked pretty amazing Absolute Confirmation from Video: UI / Dialogue System --Mass Effect -style dialog wheel with multiple dialog options. --Mass Effect style response labels - what is written in the wheel is not necessarily what your character says verbatim, merely the 'gist' of it. --Mass Effect style icons in the lower left of screen for group members. --Complete UI screenshot available now, at much higher resolutions than previous hints of it. Radar confirmed, WoW-style icons for special abilities confirmed. Note what appears to be an experience bar in the bottom of the shot. --Of particular note is the health system, which seems to be represented by blue and red bars for non-force-using classes, blue and yellow for force users. Red presumably being health, this would make blue an action bar of some sort, and yellow a Rogue-esque charging meter for special attacks. --Existence of a KotOR-style "Persuade" dialog option confirmed (3:57). This provides strong evidence of a skill development system similar to KotOR, in my opinion. --Existence of a combat log confirmed (3:38, upper left) --Buff/debuff icons next to health bar confirmed for cover, being choked, etc. --Existence of ability cooldowns confirmed, preventing multiple abilities from being spammed successively. --Existence of a dice roll deciding who takes the lead in conversational choices confirmed (1:04). Unknown what factors influence it (Charisma? Level? Pure random?) Classes / Abilities --Existence of at least one Sith ability, "Channel Hatred", confirmed. --Existence of at least one Bounty Hunter ability, "Electro Dart", confirmed (3:37). --Dual wielding confirmed (even moreso, now, anyway). --Sith lightsaber colors NOT restricted to red --Existence of some sort of leaping ground smash ability confirmed for Sith (4:50) --Existence of Force Choke (channeled) confirmed (officially, anyway) (5:14). --Existence of "ranked" force powers confirmed (5:14), which would logically imply one receiving improved ranks of powers according to level and/or spec investment Misc. --Enemies appear to be divided into different tiers, undoubtedly describing their difficulty. Among those shown are "Grunt", "Fodder", and "Boss". Let's talk video. What did YOU see!
  9. It was widely reported a week or 2 ago, when WoW subscriptions dropped to 5 million from 11.5 or so. Think about it... chinese servers go down for a month... Population drops from 11.5 million to 5 million. What other explanation can there be? edit - also, Blizzard licensed WoW to a chinese company called The9 for use by chinese players. being a public company, quarterly reports are released http://www.corp.the9.com/news/2006/news_060810.htm The footnote to that reads:
  10. As shown in the latest developer blog, along with new gameplay footage Looks good to me Nice and simple. Only 12 hotkey slots though. Wonder if these can be moved, or another row added (heck, i wonder if a 2nd row would be NEEDED. Maybe we wont have that many attack options) Discuss?
  11. No new info, unfortunately. Looks like they were just late in getting their E3 preview out
  12. Thanks PastramiX I'll put this on the front page. Also, give me a break, I just woke up!
  13. Crotch kicking IS pretty cool. They'll really have to wow us with their 4th Republic class...
  14. Keep in mind that most MMOs are never "Finished"... They reach a point at which they are releasable, and then additional content is added regularly. If something isn't in it at release, there's always the chance it will be in the game down the track.
  15. So we all know that the timeline videos are being slowly released, and we're just had our third video. But did you see this... The timeline videos they are giving us are moving backwards in time. You can also click on the unreleased timeline tabs and see what the upcoming videos will be about. So.... which timeline videos are you looking forward to?
  16. The gameplay video will be arriving in the next week or 2 Stress less....
  17. They've said they'll be doing roughly one major update a month. Major update this month was Smuggler. And the footage from the demo shown at E3 will be available in a week or 2.
  18. Sith will be multi-race, as I assume all classes will be. Also, Lucas put an end to ANY more wookiee jedi. The force unleashed devs wanted to make the main boss a jedi wookiee and lucas fired up apparently. But yeah, no more wookiee jedi in EU or games. Ever.
  19. "Imperial commando" and "Pirate" were mentioned in the latest Threat of Peace
  20. I'm expecting "Pirate" (sith equivalent of smuggler) and "Sith Trooper" classes to be announced
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