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  1. You're the only one who enjoys settling down to watch a good couple of weeks of tennis.
  2. 2011 announcement, 2012 release.
  3. I'd better not join. Don't want to take ALL the glory
  4. Way to be part of the problem I'm going to hunt you down
  5. To be honest, I think they need to make the non-jedi classes as beefy and appealling as possible. Anything to lure people away from rolling a jedi as their first (or god forbid only) class.
  6. Just remember everyone... This means there will be 4 classes each AT RELEASE Who knows how many more they'll add down the track
  7. I'll be playing the Hutt Slug class. I'll just be sitting around eating. Keep at eye out for me!
  8. God yes. Enough bloody sand. I cant imagine anything interesting would have been happening on Tatooine around that time anyway, so hopefully we won't have to go there. Give me some Jungle planets. Or an archipelago planet.
  9. I certainly hope so Seedy dealings and twi'lek strippers. Count me in.
  10. GonkH8er

    BioShock 2

    I should really get around to finishing Bioshock. I seem to come back to it after a few months, play for an hour, then walk away.
  11. I'll be there with bells on... and probably not much else.
  12. right click on my computer click manage then disk management all your drives should show up on the right hand side take a screencap and show us what it says (press printscreen and then go into paint and paste it in there. crop it and save it as a jpg. then upload it on imageshack or something and post it here so we can see whats going on )
  13. Sure the beatles are good. But its not music that makes you sit there afterwards and go "wow...". I wouldnt classify them as MUST LISTEN albums, and I enjoy the beatles as much as the next guy. Albums like Dark Side of the Moon on the other hand....
  14. awful. why wont he just die....
  15. GonkH8er


    Oh so all terrorists are of middle eastern descent are they? tsk tsk tsk
  16. GonkH8er


    So the main character is a terrorist???? :/
  17. I strongly disagree, but hey, thats just my opinion
  18. Are you streaming them from the site or playing them from your drive after downloading?
  19. Awesome party! Do I get presents? If so, I want groovy's head on a stick. For starters....
  20. hi guys yeah, i left it where it was hosted on waffleimages. Ive reuploaded it now. stupid image hosting.
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