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  1. *Points at registration date* I was a JK player on the zone, back in the days when FF BGJ/Oasis was fun. We had destruction, grip was awsome, force speed and jump were insanely fast and we had power ups and guns that didn't suck. We had seeing+map which added a new dimention to FPSs. It was the fastest and most demanding FPS ever, hands down. It's saddening to see what has happened to MP in JO/JA, Raven carried nothing from the orginal JK that the hard core players liked into the new game. JK1 MP lasted 5 years, yes FIVE years. I was there for the JO 1.03 and 1.04 patchs, when huge portions of the player base finally gave up on the game after only a few months. I just bought JA out of bordom. The SP was good, better then JO I think but the MP is crap. *Sigh*
  2. 5 Copies? No, quiet a few more then that. Tuxgames will pick it up and a lot of people that would be otherwise oblivious to JK3 would become interested. And yes, I would buy a game just to support a developer making games for linux. I'm not the only one either.
  3. Hey mods, how about we made this sticky so we don't have a million linux threads. Yeah I know we'll probably just be stuck with a dedicated server for linux, but I'd love to have the client as well. Don't get me wrong, I was admin of the WD server and that ran linux That aside, I've been enjoying the neverwinter nights linux client and I just wish we'd have a JK3 linux client as well. Truth is, I won't buy JK3 if it's like JK2, but I'd buy it nomatter what if there was a linux client. I think a lot of people who wouldn't have bought nwn if not for the linux client (I was one of them). JK3 could benafit from this as well. Since the Q3TA engine is so easy to port to linux, I'd love to see them release client binaries.
  4. It's your opinion that class based games work yet you admit that MotS (class based) is dead and JK1 (not class based) is alive? Dude, you need to look into taking some basic common sense and logic classes lol. JK is not RtcW or any other game, it's JK. Using MotS to judge the classed in the serious makes much more sense.
  5. Solo what's with you? It's not just that I don't like it, very few people like it. I didn't say I alone didn't like it, presented the fact that MotS is dead and JK1 is still alive. Please learn to read, think, and annalyze, and understand.
  6. Not everyone who likes sabers is a newbie, I was a FF Saberist in JK1. The crappyness of JK2 forced me to use guns more then anything though. Yes however, there are classes of people I'd rather not have post on this thread. Newbie isn't the right word for them. I'm talking about the SW fanboys and RPGers. Fanboys would play the game just to pretend to swing around a light saber and act out wet dreams about Padme. They'll buy the game wether it's good or not and nobody cares if they stay long. RPGers are just... bleh. Go play SWG or KotoR and let us have an untained by your newbieness honest to god FPS. It's not an RPG, it's a FPS. It's not a book, it's not a movie, it's not TV, it's a FPS video game played MP. Shut up. As good as "no guns in the game, a class system, a netto saber blocking system, and whaever else blah blah blah" sounds to you meek minded ones, what you are suggesting actually destroys the gameplay of the game. It's not a movie or RPG, it's not about looking good for some gimmick, it's about GAMEPLAY that you enjoy and doesn't suck.
  7. Oh joy, another person that is talking about something he is unfamilair with WITHOUT HAVING READ PREVIOUS POSTS. I've already answered your question, scroll up for God sake. But I might as well repeat myself... again. We want JK3 to be more like JK1, and if you ever played JK1 FF on a competative level, you'd know that JK1 FF was NOTHING like quake. JK1 is in a class all it's own. We don't want Q3, we want a better JK1.
  8. Class based system. Bleh. JK1 has no class based system, JK1 is alive. MotS has a class based system and it's dead. Raven compared the activity of JK1 with MotS and saw that a class base system just didn't work. They won't do it, and for good reason. It wouldn't work at all for competative play.
  9. Hey Rage! Where you been bro? Get on messenger hax0r I was going to email you, stop haxing my mind lol. Read the whole thread. Rage, you're going over stuff I've already covered... but go ahead and say it again since people don't like to read what they reply to Haze is right, even though I'd like to not see Jedi hopping around like bunnies, it's part of the engine and we'll have to live with it. Let's try to get Raven to fix what they can... Read: Return the gameplay to JK1, deviating so much from a successful game type was a gamble that didn't pay off.
  10. Sorry Crowy, I was a bit cruel but... please read the entire thread before posting. We're talking about serious fixes for JK2's broken MP. Suggesting things in the fringes that raven won't implement anyway just makes the thread longer, and the topic harder to focus on.
  11. Exactly. Jk was awsome, but it had it's flaws. - PtP net code sucks - Poor official support, the community did all the work - It was laughingly easy to cheat. - A few of the force powers were pointless - Only 2 decent maps; BGJ and Oasis So yes, keep with what worked in JK1, fix the problems above, and add extra content that enhances the game, not junk that just looks good.
  12. I find it funny that a German game mag got ahold of it this early because it was a German game reviewer that leaked JK2 two weeks before it was released.
  13. *Looks at the above posts and sighs*
  14. I'd like to get rid of Rage and just have force speed move as fast as it did in JK1. Yeah, the bunny hop always did look stupid
  15. Thanks Legion, reminding people of what made JK1 good and the problems of JK2 is why I'm posting here. I'm trying not to flame and stay contructive here but... I'm hearing the same kinds of things on these boards when Jk2 was being developed, and look how that turned out. Will no one learn?
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