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  1. my moneys on the spartans. for one even if the commando takes out the spartans electronics the suits stength comes from the armor its self. the spartan would lose some stength and some reaction timing but ultimatly it wouldnt be a big enough loss as to lead to the spartans defeat. and if ur want to go into it more if the spartans suit is damaged that badly then he would remove it at the first oppertunity. however he could still continue combat with it on. even with out the armor the spartan would be much faster then the commando due to the augments. and i dont just mean physical speed i also mean reaction timming as well. the spartans can see better, hear better, and have advanced reflexes. the commandos only have their training workign for them, while the spartans have that and much more.
  2. lol something like that would only get me into trouble. but this is what i did. i accidently stepped on her favorite cd that just happened to fall out of stereo onto the floor as i was walking by....
  3. ya know i would still play... but i cant... why cant i? because my lil sis took a pen to the disc....
  4. "sir! the sields self destruct has been damaged and wont activate." "dam... well we have reinforcements comming and the battle up there is turning in our favor. so lets finish these droids." said dargen "sekara how long till the reinforcements arrive?" asked dargen "2 minutes sir" replied sekara. "men i want us to attack like this. sardakar! your men will keep up a steady stream of fire. fire just enough to keep their heads down but not enough to waste all our ammo. sekara when they stop to reload you guys open fire." dargen activated his comlink "rok have your snipers kill anything entering or leaving this building. seren have your heavy troopers target the windows and front of the build see if we cant destroy the building with them in it." "yes sir" came a reply
  5. the ONLY lvl that gave me a little bit of trouble was tanitive 4... i couldnt find the princess.
  6. myself and others call if infinite choke... wich makes sense.
  7. (dont appologize. i was the one holding everything up. i dont want to be the one to make everyone wait.) zaran woke up alone. he was in a starfighter. so they had escaped....
  8. (hey jediofdoom im in the past about to try to kill you so when u ready let me know)
  9. when zaran heard the explosion he though he was dead... but it seems he was not yet destined to die. he passed out agian.. when he awoke he was in a pich black room... he couldnt move.... he used the force to sense his surroundings. he was underneath a pile of rock..... he then used half of his full force to through the rocks in every directions. he was back at the keep. and there was zion. he didnt know how or why but he had been sent back in time. he igited his light saber.
  10. ive never realy had any trouble with any map. i even recal one time i was messing around and my reinforcements got down to 1 (me) i had 1 cp.... and they had 43 left an i still won
  11. i realy hate the heavy trooper now. i dont mind play as them but personaly i think it gets used to much. i mean every single game theres 2-3 ppl on each team using it. putting mines everywhere.
  12. "set the shields self destruct" "yes sir." this battle had been long and it didnt look to be over soon. unfortunatly, the droids had found an alternate path to meet up with the driods inside the building.
  13. zaran had reached the tunnle and he heard people down there. so he ran to find zion and to stop him. he reached the reactor and saw that one of the other masters was already here. zaran almost yelled to him but then he sensed another jedi... zion. he ran over to scur and told him they needed a plan.
  14. well for once me and machine agree. you can do way more damage to your opponents then a blaster hero can. for example: ctf 1 flag. a hero can grab the flag and score very quickly. they move faster the blaster heros.. or so ive noticed.
  15. well if you cant boot someone its cause their a) on the other team b) the game host
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