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    Biography? Doesn't one have to have lived to have one of these? Hell, I'm only 19!
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  1. Ahh, the old haunt. Just popped back to see who is still here from the pre JKII days. And wow has stuff changed. Awesome. Anyways, have fun all!
  2. Where you working these days Gonk? Got a spare copy you don't need?
  3. He's got every right to be. I certainly am not going to hold it against him. But when I commented on the length of time I've been here it was not intended to start a pissing match. I was just throwing in a good word for the mods... How long one's been at any forum most certainly does not dictate whether they're right or wrong. I certainly didn't intend my comment to sound like that. But obi-wan13/Gandalf's post just sounded too much like: "Well, I'm better than you are!" I apologise if I misinterpreted...we good?
  4. You must be truly proud. Congratulations.
  5. I totally agree, but read the first message in the thread. Could he not have said: "Yay, 5000! Congrats guys on some good posts, lets celebrate!" As opposed to: "Yes I'm writting spam." Don't get me wrong, I'm all for celebrating, but the nature of the thread doesn't lend itself to being kept open. Like I said before, I'm not having a go at this thread, it was just that: Isn't gonna do you a whole lot of good now is it? EDIT: My av? Ahhh, Avatar, ever played Diablo II: Lord of Destruction?
  6. Don't think so harshly of the mods guys, they're just doing their jobs remember. I was here long before most of the mods were mods, they're just a bunch of highly entertaining guys trying to keep some semblance of order in a place where it's very hard to do. They do a brilliant job considering. They do try to be fair, but when you've got a bunch on 12 year olds spamming and talking about crap (this is not having a shot at this thread) you've got to draw the line somewhere, or the forums would go to hell... And in all reality, this thread is about nothing so would you be truly surprised if they shut it down?
  7. For all you fantasy fans like myself, I highly recommend: The Dragonlance Chonicles: Dragon's of Autumn Twilight, Dragon's of Winter Night, and Dragon's of Spring Dawning. All awesome books. There was also a lot of other series written for Dragonlance. Most of them by Margret Weis and Tracey Hickman. Tad Williams: Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn series. I've read two of the four and they're cool. For all you wanting to support the brilliant Aussie fantasy writters we've got, try Traci Harding, she starts her series with The Ancient Future. Also Sara Douglas, who did the Axis Trilogy, but has since written two more series of 3 books. I've only read the first series. I thought I'd limit my recommendations to fanstasy this time round.
  8. Yeah, unfortunately that was pretty much how the book went. That's not to say his writting in the book was no good, he just seems to get too caught up in his own sub-plots and never moves on with the main ones. Lets just hope that Crossroads will bring him back to par. *Crosses fingers*
  9. All of them! Well, close, I'm a big fan of literature in general. See the Wheel of Time post a bit lower down to see that I love that series to piece's. Of course you can't look past the classics like Shakespeare, and yes I know they were plays, but they were still good literature, and Tolkien. Albert Camus is good if you like philosophy and concepts such as existentialism. Sci Fi fans will love Ender's Game, by Orson Scoot Card (and who of us here aren't Sci Fi fans? ). I could go on forever, except that I haven't read everything, but I am trying. "Read more books and watch less TV" -- Some random e-mail I got entitled 'Instructions for Life'
  10. Some of those are very cool... I love the one with all the Jedi charging, that's awesome! Some of the choreography that goes into those saber fights is damn impressive. With George's ability declining, here's hoping some skilled director's rise from the ashes...
  11. Yeah, I've read it, the whole series 3 times in fact, I kinda got hooked. A few tidbits for all you hardcore fans out there. Book Ten: Crossroads of Twilight was intended to be released in November, but due to Robert Jordan's wanting to perfect it (I can understand this), it's been moved to January. Another interesting bit is that he plans 12 books in the series. That means 3 more to go including Crossroads. Also, you can purchase the Prologue from all over the place as well, it's been released as an e-Book. And finally, best source of info IMHO is Dragonmount Check it out. Oh, and the host of this page is currently developing a short animated movie, 6 - 7 minutes long, with RJ's approval, based on the prologue to Book 1: The Eye of the World. Hope that tickles some interest.
  12. Volkswagon Kombi 1800cc! I'll be touring Asutralia and there's packs of room, so if you want me to pick you up! Hopefully by the end of this year!
  13. Obi-Wan to Anakin: " You'll be the death of me..." Brilliant.
  14. Count me in for any fights we're picking! I'll show you how unfairly I've been ranked as Gungan! And worry not Gonk, for practise I shall, and beat you again I will! 'Cos if I kick your arse like I did when i was from 'n00bsville' as you so delicately put it, imagin how dead you are in future! Lookin' forward to any fights you can organise us also!
  15. Do you smell bad or somethin' Gonk? People seem to be avoiding this thread. Who have we got so far?
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