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  1. Pretty fun game. Haven't had a lot of time to play with it though.
  2. Homepageofthedead.com Stardestroyer.net
  3. I'm primarily a PC guy. If I were to buy a console though, it'd probably be a Xbox. I can't imagine myself purchasing one though unless you could get a keyboard and mouse for it as well.
  4. I've heard that from people who said they heard it here from some raven guy.. is it true?
  5. - Correct. the saber just can't deal enough damage while maintaining mobility(it might be able to if saber throw easily struck a gunner and dealt enough damage to drop him in 1-2 hits) to keep up with gunners that can be virtually airborne most of the fight(courtesy of the force jump). It's important to realize Gunners can do everything you can do- the only difference is you can stop a few random primary fire rounds(that no good gunner I've played so far uses). Basically, if the gunner knows what he's doing, he's going to keep out of range of your lightsaber(saber throw isn't that good to make much difference in a gun v. saber game) while he intelligently sneaks past proxy mines and concussion rifle shots (generally relatively easily) past your limited push ability. other points from this topic - Since when does playing for fun rule out playing to win additionally.. winning is very fun - Force powers struck me as someting that shares a signficant portion of what 'JK1 was' if not the primary thing. I personally think this is true in JO as well. This thing about lightsabers being the sole significant factor that seperated JK form the quake clones is kind of ridiculous.. - I've heard Force Jump is alot like Tribe's Jets.. I've never played tribes so I can't confirm this. - The Rocket launcher isn't that great of weapon.. I think I'd choose a Heavy Repeater or a Golan Flechette Launcher over the RL anyday. - Gunners coming after you with the primary fire from the golan, heavy repeater, etc. probably dont' know what they're doing. I think the golan and the heavy repeater are best put to use using their secondary fires.
  6. A few point's I thought I'd comment on.. - I've never had a problem with jerky graphics, etc. Must be your guy's machines. - Weapons are alright... they don't have that 'every weapon has it's use' quake 3 feeling but thats ok. The best weapons to use(their secondary fires at least) are the Golan Flechette Launcher and the Heavy Reapter. The ST rifle(e11), the Bowcastor(well secondary fire can take out Saberist's), and the Rockets are weapons that aren't going to kill anyone if they're paying attention, but still will drop people the second they turn their back/focus on someone else. - I'm suprised to hear people calling the Heavy repeater, etc. unbalanced considering every weapon can be either blocked by the saber or pushed away(yes even the hvy repeater's mortar-concussion rifle-ish 2ndary fire can be pushed away). Plus targeting with it is a bit harder, as opposed to being a direct fire weapon like the concussion rifle was. - I certainly hope admins aren't handing out bans for negative comments of JO.. - I consider guys who bash and accuse people of being trolls for expressing negative opinions about the game to be trolls themselves. - Actually JO's method of Force jumping is a step up from JK's method of force jumping.. You have much more control over your jumps now than you did in JK. No more overshooting targets. Things I hope to see in future patches/expansions: - I hope patches will expand force mana reserves or reduce cost of force jumping. - Future maps need more Metallic Bolt Ammo
  7. the force powers are watered down versions of JK force powers... they really blended ff and nf together.. not that im complaining tho.. i was always a NF Guy and having basically NF with force jump and a form of seeing suits me just fine.
  8. I was wondering if someone could collect all info on saber stances, saber combat revealed on these forums by changkhan and in previews and put it all together one page.. maybe post it as an article on jkii.net or something
  9. the largest one is #nar but others: #botbleague #cwt #cwn #usetheforce #teamwarfare #jediknight cwt + cwn are pretty much the same thing, just diff. channels
  10. I'm happy just as long as I'm able to fight with the mobility I had in JK. Restricting everyone to movie-like duels would result in boring gameplay.
  11. i hope it isn't slow paced actually... jks fast paced saber play was superior to real life sword duels. reality is inferior to gameplay.
  12. No screenshots or trailer footage(I think) of the Heavy Repeater's primary fire and especially 2ndary fire... I'd like to see secondary fire in action.
  13. i think a division between nf gunners and ff gunners will depend on the usefulness of force powers.. if force powers are as useful as they were in JK, there'll probably be a division between nf gunners and ff gunners. I think the same applies for nf saberists and ff saberists.
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