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  1. okay guys, I compiled this list of questions, and sent it to LucasArts. ---------------------------------------- 1. Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions about the upcoming Republic Commando. For starters, please tell us a little about your role in the development of Republic Commando and your background at LucasArts. 2. How many maps will the game ship with and can you give us a rundown of the locales we can play in multiplayer mode? Do you plan on releasing bonus content like new maps for the PC version and XBox Live? 3. Can you give us a general overview of the Assault game mode, and what it will include? Can we expect drivable or flyable vehicles in Assault or any other game modes? 4. What characters can you play in Multiplayer besides Clone Troopers and Trandoshans? 5. Will the Squad based system work AI bots in Multiplayer mode, and how will it work with your human teammates? 6. How have you fine-tuned and balanced the gameplay and physics for Multiplayer, as opposed to Single Player? Should we expect them to be two "different" games as it was done with Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy? 7. What game matching services will be supported, and will players be able to run their own dedicated servers on Windows and/or Linux? 8. Was any thought given to the possibility of voice chat in Multiplayer during the development? If so, what were the Pros and Cons in the development team's eyes? 9 Unreal based games are known for being easily customizable, both in terms of the use of "Mutators" and the enthusiastic modding community. Can we expect the same from Republic Commando, or will it be more limited? 10. Will Republic Commando ship with mod tools, or do you plan on making them available at a later time? That's it, thanks again for taking the time and we can't wait to get our hands on Republic Commando!
  2. Hey guys, 2 things: 1. We renamed the goclonearmy.com site/forums back to republiccommando.net as you may have noticed. 2. LucasArts asked us to do a Q&A with the producer of RC. I would like to submit our questions by end of this week. That will give them enough time to reply right in time before the game release. If you have some Q&A questions then please reply to this thread. Thanks! Vis
  3. Why don't you guys submit your files to LucasFiles.com, the official mod site for LucasArts games. LucasFiles.com will host all files for SWBattlefront.net. Vis
  4. By the way, I have seen they very same ad as a tower ad over at starwars.com. Vis
  5. That is not a MasterCard symbol though. Maestro is an ATM Card that works with PIN. You won't be able to use it.
  6. I hated that in Europe. You pay the same money like in the USA, and they give you that cheap DVD case, how sad... For my money I want big ol' boxes that I can stack up to the roof. But even here the game boxes became pretty small. They used to be twice as big. Well, most of them came with 10+ floppy disks, so you needed a big box -Vis
  7. Celeron, ehmm what do you think you see when you look deep down a vulcano? Ehmm, black? -Vis
  8. Are you sure? That means he got a copy that LucasArts sent to a magazine and not to him. Since he has the full version now do you really think he will buy a new copy when it is being released like he would have done before? I don't think so... so its piracy. Simple Vis
  9. They should give them all a classic 70s look again.
  10. I think the German version of Jedi Outcast didn't have any dismemberment at all. The trick was to install it with English language on a computer with non-german language settings in windows in order to enable at least some dismemberment. But actually it made sense to buy / play the German version of JO, because it came with the original German Luke Skywalker voice from the movies. That added a little bit to the Star Wars feeling of the game. Vis
  11. That's what I heard from "inside" sources. But that's not a big surprise I think. As some already said here in this thread they released the last couple demos before the actual release of the full game, so why not the JA demo either? The release of the full title is almost 4 weeks away and their website speaks of "coming weeks". To me that means everything from 1 to 4 weeks, not more. You see where I am coming from? Of course that also could be marketing language for 10 weeks Vis
  12. JA will be released on September 17th which is still over 3 weeks away. I can tell you that they will release the demo before that day. Vis
  13. ArtifeX, I am the admin of LucasFiles and I appreciate your input. I would like to discuss some of your ideas. LucasArts is actually supporting LucasFiles officially. On the one side that is a great thing, but along with the offical sanction comes the legal burden. The website is full of legal disclaimers. Some people may have wondered if they need a laywer to download or submit files to and from lucasfiles. LucasFiles wasn't too successful so far because it is lacking files. The reason is simple: We don't get a lot file submissions and I personally don't know why. Having his map or mod on LucasFiles should be considered a good thing. If LucasFiles would have more files, traffic and attention LucasArts would support it more on the official LucasArts website. Maybe some of you mod / map creators can tell me about your concerns. I really would like to here them. We (You guys and I) do all this for fun and because we like what we do. It is not like we're earning money with this, can work full time on this and have it all figured out already. What would you prefer? A review or comment function within LucasFiles? A seperate website? On JK.net? I like the idea of giving reward points to writers. How important is a comment / review function of a filesite to a file author? Would you rather send it to such a site than to one without this kind of functionality? I am considering to integrate a comment/review system into LucasFiles. Maybe you guys can give me some suggestions. Good idea. I admit that we need to improve the right sidebar or rethink it. I will think about Thank you for your suggestions! Vis
  14. It's like the beta never really ended. Let's bet how many minutes of sleep the game server admins get tonight! I say 15 minutes.
  15. Thank you for reporting the typo =) Well, the reason why find these GB files in the database is that our network site GalacticBattles.com will also host files using the same database system. Therefore the default file category of the jkii.net files site is "Jedi Knight 2", and (GB.com will have guess what...). Okay, you can browse the gb files in jkii.net files, but you don't have to. =) The redesign was done mainly to make the site faster loading (less gfx intensive). Also many background script changes were done. I am satisfied with result, because I think it is now easier to navigate and a lot faster! With the comments system was the news comment system meant. Keep this for you: Actually we are working on a file commenting system.... release date: when it's done. I have to admit it that this "thing" looks similiar to the PlanetCrap pages, but it is not the same. I wasn't in charge of the page design anyway, so don't look at me... Visac
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