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  1. Dunno. They all look pretty mad at someone. I'm guessing it's Spock from Urban's face.
  2. None of the exterior yet but that bridge in the two shots is the Enterprise.
  3. Okay before i begin. Posts containing (But this is a Star Wars...) will have their owner hung, drawn then quartered. I simply can not wait for this film. It is looking amazing although slightly like Mass Effect. The blue monitors, the odd glass panels, even the design of Kirks chair all Mass Effect. If you look closely, they are even using Korataki, which is the font used in Mass Effect. This does little to concern me though as i always thought Mass Effect was what Enterprise should have looked like. Anyhoo, all the cast look ace, especially Karl Urban. Ca'nt wait to check out their performances. For any enthusiasts, interesting thing i have noticed. The Kelvin. I automatically assumed we were looking at it head on. We are not. It is actually going <-- that way. The letters are on the side of the saucer. It's clear when you look at the bridge design, the direction of smoke from the hole near the 'K' and the staggering of the blue pulsed weapons fire. For any diehards.. It is a single nacelled ship which has a blue front to it. It's registration is NCC-0514 Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) One of Spock throttling Kirk and one of Nero the Romulan. http://www.aintitcool.com/images2008/bigspock.jpg /newsimages
  4. You know, you post on discussion boards for discussion. If you only want a categoric list of soaps people watch, try ask Nielson. Other than that, don't be so ignorant of people's posts.
  5. Thank yourself you not cursed with it. No matter what you say, you can never sound intelligent coming from the North West.
  6. I hate all soaps. Especially Coronation Street. I hope everyone on it dies.
  7. I think this could be used to reinforce the whole ethics/morality play with sperm donation but instead of inciting argument, I'll just comment on how dumb the human race is.
  8. What is the popular beer in Aus then? Last time i heard it was Red something. Definitely had the word 'Red' in it anyway.
  9. Now, now. None of this, or i'll turn this car right round and no moon trip for either of you. You know, out of all this i still think they could milk another spinoff out of Doctor Who. Maybe one more serious. Not BSG serious but something in a different realm of believability. I'd be all for it. The thing is, with two other shows in the franchise. They could use all three to shape up any show they want. They make a good springboard. Good times ahead.
  10. I'd rather it was 501 Bebo users sent up into space but no one said life is fair. I'm thinking any planet receiving this massive spam bomb of teenage relationship angst stories and irrelevant crap ought to start massing an invasion fleet soon. Personally i'd send them a standard greeting and ask them to take me back to their world, teach them what love is etc. /shatner
  11. When i went Vegas some guy asked me if i was training to be an EMT. Had no idea what the hell he meant at first. Although i was thinking Emergency Medical Hologram so i knew it was somewhere along those lines. Had to keep correcting myself with Lift/Elevator although i kept saying Escalator which just kibbled the whole conversation altogether. Other than that, anyone who asked what England was like compared to America, i just told them we are crap and we might as well be the next state.
  12. Torchwood, i love the soundtrack to it but the show itself is magicarp. I tried to watch Sarah Jane Adventures too but i think it's way too old for me.
  13. I'm regretting seeing this thread now. If i ever meet these bugs in real life, i'll leave this planet.
  14. Actually i forgot about Indy too. I enjoyed that. For me, it was on par with Dark Knight.
  15. GeForce 8800GT 512Mb. It does run Crysis on max with absolutely no framerate problems apart from when i'm on the aircraft carrier at the end.
  16. It is, there is also a Crèche a few threads down.
  17. Dark Knight. Wall-E just looks like a droid with huge 80's shades on.
  18. I quite like the design of Orion. Even if it is a little basic.
  19. Math only taught me one thing. If the guy is using letters instead of numbers to work out the bill, punch him in the face.
  20. My favourite piece of music is Fantasia by Thomas Tallis although i'm sure it has a different name though. It's a variation/adaptation of Greensleeves i think, over 14 minutes long.
  21. I was always confused by everyone's reaction to that 'guy' who was pregnant. He used to be a girl. What's the big confusion. So what if she fires out a baby that looks like Admiral Ackbar.
  22. Space is empty. Alone and cold. The odd ship wreckage, victims battles between species we will never know the names of. A lone traveller from a world exploring space. The lust forested world of Tatooine with a visit to the peaceful, pastoral Mustafar all on the way to find the mythical planetary city near the core of the Galaxy.
  23. If you think about it though, the media would tear a kotor movie to shreds. A movie about one man being the hero, a climactic battle to destroy a colossal space station at the end, Vandar, etc. These things are unique to us but the media will draw a dumb line between these and the original films and instantly say that it had no originality, Star Wars is dying etc. But who cares about them. Make it Shem!
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