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  1. Lovely! Are you going to put a news item about the release over at Moddb?
  2. I don't normally come on these forums, as I'm not the sort of person that posts on every single forum of every single mod I'm vaguely interested in, which is allot. But I had an idea...so I thought I'd share it with you so it can be shot down in burning flames due to its utter stupidity. My idea is this: Converting the Dark Forces six level mod to a standalone IOquake game, now before you point out that the Quake source code is multiplayer orientated and to change that would be extremely tedious and painful I shall point you to this mod. http://tdc.planetquake.gamespy.com/news.htm Its a quake 3 story-based single player orientated mod from yesteryear that released its source, so almost half the work towards a standalone Dark Forces game is already done. Theres also some tutorials on how to make a basic single player game with it. http://rfactory.org/singlegame.html For those who don't have quake 3, you can play this mod using IOquake and the pak01.pk3 file from the Quake 3 demo. Now obviously this crazy plan hinges on a few things: - How much content in the Dark Forces mod is original (For this to be a viable plan the majority of the content in the DF mod would have to be original otherwise it would be illegal to port it, as any content that comes from the original game is property of Lucasarts) - Someone somewhere would actually have to do some work... - The initial port would probably lack some of JA bells and whistles and would feel a little un-dark forcey... But this crazy plan has some good points: - Who doesn't like the idea of a free Star Wars game - It would hopefully reignite interest in this mod, as the audience would go from the few people who picked JA out of the bargain bin, to everyone on the internet. - Highly changeable, not confined by the sort of restrictions of a JA mod. - Would be playable on all OS's i,e. Linux, Mac as well as Windows So...there is my proposal, may God Bless you as you point out how ludicrously stupid it is....
  3. Don't die! I've been watching this Mod for so long, It far surpasses almost all other SP mods, and its only a demo of three levels so far. Please don't give up, your doing such a great job, even if the final product ends up feeling a bit like a glorified map pack, it would be such a shame. Oh well, good luck...
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