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  1. to anakin, when u say it doesnt work, is there a problem joining or do the games just not show up after u put the ip in?
  2. where can i download the maps required to play the SBX server? ps. is there anything that can be done about the hacking of the NF Rotate server?
  3. ive been waiting for a game of jk multiplayer for years - but don't know where to find a game. plz, do i go to gamespy, qtracker, zone, dedicated server?
  4. irc.zirc.org won't open , nor wil the link you posted underneath it
  5. ive been stinging for a game of jk for a long time now. i put the ip in but no games come up. how can i fix this?
  6. JK being near dead wont be easy to find a MP game, but there's 2 dedicated servers coming up when I enter, one sbx@votj and another FF rotate (30 mins). hope to see u there some weekend ~Dusk.
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