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    I'm Kevin. I've played and love Grim Fandango and MI3, MI4.
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    Books, games, art.
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    I clean toilets. No.

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  1. AAaah yes.. t'was bittersweet.. "This lil light of mine... I'm gonna let it shine, Let it SHiNE, let it shine, let it shine...." **tears**
  2. La donna � mobile qual piuma al vento muta d'accento e di pensiero Sempre un'amabile leggiadro viso in pianto e in riso � menzognero La donna � mobil qual piuma al vento muta d'accento e di pensier e di pensier e di pensier � sempre misero chi a lei s'affida chi le confida mal cauto il core Pur mai non sentesi felice appieno chi su quel seno non liba amore La donna � mobil qual piuma al vento muta d'accento e di pensier e di pensier e di pensier <<<La Donna e Mobile>> It's opera.
  3. HAHA, AWESOME `!! I get to hang out with Naranja ! Tattoo parlor's for me!
  4. Awesome! That'd be cool, Russian.. but i hardly understand a thing about Russian lol..
  5. Thank you. yea... i can never thank that manuel skull enough for haunting me, GF is the best game ever, Even better than Monkey Island series? YES. Any of you who has a myspace, come leave a comment or suggestion. I'm doing a Memorial of Sanspoof week on my profile. Thnx
  6. I see... thnx for the knowledge.
  7. What made me buy this game? Now THERE's a story to tell! Bear with me, this is gonna be long. So the game came out in 98 right. I was like 9 years old back then and i was new to gaming. I was with my cousin and we were going out hunting for bargain games (i was 9, how much money would you expect i had) when we came across a software pirate. He had hell of alota games in a basket for like just a few bucks a piece. We grabbed everything that had a good cover illustration on it and i came across the name Grim Fandango. I wanst attravted to it so i didnt buy it. We were walking home with our goods quite satisfied but somehow i felt like i should have gotten Grim Fandango. I think its it's name... it just keeps ringing in my head... Grim Fandango, grim fandango... A few years went. I started playing Monkey Island 3 which i absolutely loved! If any of you have ever played this game, you'd remember that there was a nice reference to GF. "Don't ask me about Grim Fandango". Grim fandango.. That rang a bell. And that Skull face looked so very familiar. Through the following years i kept noticing that skullface pop up everywhere. It was as though it haunts me everywhere i go. I gave in, I went online and tried to connect the dots and better understand this game. It seems to have won some highly acclaimed awards and was very highly rated. I started to regret not having bought that game earlier. I went scouraging looking everywhere for it. Its been so long since its release that no one sells it anymore. None of my friends had it, i couldnt find it online until... I was window shopping wiht a friend and i saw ... a reflection on the mirror... i thought it was Casablanca.. but Humphrey bogart didnt have a skull face. That was it.. And ever since... This is My Fandango. This post is best enjoyed while listening to http://www.scummbar.com/mi2/GRIM2-CD1/03%20-%20Mr.%20Frustration%20Man.mp3 Viva La Revolucion!!
  8. I love that track that plays when you Examine the picture clue that Lola left you, the one witht the kitty hats and blimp. Yes, i love that sad tune. Next is Sanspoof, especially when played in-game with the cat purring background... Traggicly gripping.
  9. Interesting... You've made me love this language. Oh and Manny keeps saying "Hijole" in the game, so whats that mean? I take its like "Amazing" or something. Someway to express awe?
  10. Ok, so somebody probably has done this same topic before but i'll still do it anyways. Grim Fandango was a phenomenal game, and as phenomenal games go, there are always memories and moments that forever stay with us emotionally. One instance that got me Very emotional was when you examine the picture clue that Lola left in the game and this sad, sentiment song plays in the background. It reminded me of many things and there's just this thing with the photo that really strikes me. The photo is in black and white, and in it people were happy and cheering whilst the music in the background was dark and sadly gripping. Now, here's my problem. I LOVE that soundtrack and have been looking around the net for it to no avail. I give up. I was wondering if any of you might help me out by finding me the track or at least giving me the title of the track. Thank you. Viva La Sanspoof.
  11. Oh, and Caranal... whats Caranal? gracias
  12. "Es Peor Que La Muerte" I've always wondered what tha meant. I think its something like "she's worse than death" or something.. heh.. you're the master. Oh yea, and is it a very commonly popular phrase like, everybody uses it? THnx friend.
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