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  1. My best advice and this is based on what is coming in future publishes... Wait another 9ish months. Right now the publish plan has the Dev's ripping apart the combat professions and remaking them with the expertise system. The publish plan has this going on for the next 4-5 publishes. Each publish takes a good 2-3 months to do and then they debug and 'tweak' everything in between. On top of that, we were supposed to see a collision system introduced, but I'm pretty sure that has been put to the side indefinately. Overall the game is not even as near complete as the Dev's wanted it to be after 8 months of Developement. I quit back in Feb and I gave myself 9 months before I would even think of logging back in. Now I'm looking at another 9 months... possibly a year. Pretty sad.
  2. Wow... I forgot what the game was like back in those days. The old saying: Less is more, could not hold truer than for SWG. Sure there were the problems in PVP combat with mind poisons and such pre-CU, but in the end either you dealt with it or you didn't. The FRS was shot full of holes... but in the end it resulted in huge 20 on 20 battles and in some cases 2 groups on either side and we had fun. The CU imo was kinda in the right direction, but the FRS and 20 man groups should have remained. Hopefully if someone has a connection to the SWG dev team, they will lead them to this site and have them watch a video or two. Maybe then they'll start to question the insanity of what they are trying to do with the NGE. Maybe one day we'll get SWG back.
  3. Sorry forgot to include the link. Oh yes, this was the last response Helios made in that thread. http://forums.station.sony.com/swg/board/message?board.id=swggpdiscussion&message.id=817369#M817369
  4. Over the weekend as many of you know, TC was updated with a new round of combat upgrades. Helios started a thread about it.... Some where in the midst of the 27 pages in this thread there was an exchange of posts. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MMMmmmmm camping... *drool*.... - Aucob -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Helios - What did you like about camping? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- generally a fun thing to do IMO , i liked it sometimes in group grind we opened one up and sat and stuff. and now group xp is back this would be a good thang -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Helios - So, you just sat there and it was fun? (that's a serious question). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This simple exchange and response by Helios basically sent this thread into overtime and shows just how badly the Dev's of SWG weren't even close to understanding their core customer base before the NGE. The Dev's now log on for a hour here and there. They are looking for the 'rush' of a hour of combat PvE or PvP. These dev's aren't trying to spend 4+ hours online involved in guilds, hunting, camping, crafting, cantina dwelling or in general doing what most of the player base were doing pre-NGE. The Dev's totally missed the boat and don't even understand the basic premise of their own original product. I dare say they don't even understand the simple enjoyment of owning a house and decorating it. Perhaps that has been the problem with SWG all these years... yes 3 years now... that the Dev's of SWG are not playing their own product and trying to understand their customers wants and needs. Instead they tried to get the young crowd interested and alienated a majority of their older core customers. If this hadn't happened to the biggest names in the Sci-Fi - MMORPG industry, I don't think anyone would believe it.
  5. After reading more over the weekend on SWG boards and here, I too believe the goal of SOE and LA is to have SWG ported to a console version. Everyone in the industry agrees that the future of gaming will always be in the console systems. They all have the capability of having a keyboard/mouse and with the standardization of hardware for each system, making games 'work' is much much easier. I'm not getting my hopes up any more. Until I see the finished product I'm not buying it any more. SOE and LA are not going to keep me subscribed for a worsethanbetagameafter3years any longer.
  6. So Rogue_5 has a new publish plan out. Rogue_5 has outlined 6 publishes and with each publish taking up to 3 months to complete and de-bug... we are looking at 12 months minimum (I know... this will never happen) and 18-20 months maximum... at least we can hope. I had hoped to rejoin SWG by Sept or Oct of this year, but after seeing the publish plan I just can't think of a reason to pay for a game that won't be "completed" for another 16-20 months. Man do I miss pre-Cu and the Cu.
  7. This is exactly what I have said all along. Until it's live, I won't believe a word the Dev's say. Now the Dev's have a roadmap? A roadmap that they admit may/can change along the way. Each publish is taking a good 3+ months to go live. From what I have seen reported, each publish is still being released bugged to hell and taking a good 3 months to de-bug... and even then aren't completely bug free. At this rate we'll be lucky to see them complete the next 3 reported publishes by the end of the year. I'm sorry but for a MMOG that is turning 3 years old this summer, that just isn't good enough. We all know that and the Dev's know that regardless of what they say. And if it isn't enough, people will have to sit back and worry that SWG won't be fully over-hauled a third time... Just isn't worth my time and money.
  8. Basically what the Austin notes told me... "You choose wisely to cancel your account." I considered checking back in 9 months, but after reading all that I'm thinking of a full year. There is just too much re-writing, revamping and re-introducing old game mechanics that SWG just is not worth spending $15 per month on. Sorry Dev's the ideas are good, but until I see them in game and actually working... not "Working as Intended", then I may consider resubscribing. Until then I'll be enjoying my time in WoW.
  9. Yep check the SWG forums and the Dev tracker. Smed finally speaks his mind about many things. Reality check Smed: You lost the majority of the community when the Dev team changed from the CU (that was pretty much finished) to a system that after 5 months is no where near complete. Let us be clear... SOE and LA decided to switch from the CU... that was a good 95% finished to a system of combat, crafting and entertaining where almost everything is broken. Combat is still broken and unbalanced. Crafting has been decimated. Entertaining... omg... its done. You have even posted that you will not bring back Pre-CU or Pre-NGE servers. Why? Because you don't want to? Because you don't want to see those servers fill and the NGE servers empty even further? You'd rather see the game die than the community show you how much Pre-NGE was liked? I've voted with my feet. I'm now a WOW subscriber and happy. Not as happy as I was playing Pre-NGE SWG, but much happier than I was playing NGE SWG. If you bring in a Pre-NGE server(s) you may just be surprised as to how many people come back to SWG.
  10. Basically if you want continuity ala books/movies, SWG butchers that. Jedi is a playable profession that is available to everyone from the get go. You'll be seeing Jedi running around everywhere. RP wise... yeah you can always RP, but you'll be stuck trying to find others that are in SWG looking for the same thing you are. If you can find a guild of RP'ers great, but you'd be hard pressed to find anyone out and about looking to RP openly. Why are you reading so many bad reviews... well it's because the core game is bad. Many quests from day 1 are still bugged. The combat system and combat abilities of the professions are not complete. I could go on, but there is no need, you have read the reviews and what you have read is true. I was not a power-gamer by any stretch of the imagination, but I did unlock my Jedi pre-Publish 9 because that was my goal. I was in a guild with over 70 members and of those 20 were very active. Many were crafters of sorts, some RP'd and a few were into guild PvP'ing and defending the guilds bases around Avalon. That guild was destroyed in 2 weeks when the NGE came in. Of all the active people from the guild only 3 remain in SWG today and 1 of them is waiting for his account to run out. It's sad what has happened to SWG and many of us hope that there will be a Pre-NGE or Pre-CU server released so we can jump onto that one... even if that were to mean we'd have to start fresh. It would be worth it again.
  11. Oh and one last thing in the game options. Disable your file cache'ing. That again will save computer resources when loading.
  12. Couple things, disable pre-world loading in the game options when you initially startup SWG. That saves a great deal of time for loading. Next 1 Gig of memory in total is more than enough. SWG and you other minor programs you run should only use up to about 75% of that. The biggest thing is your Gfx card. 126mg is the least you should be running on your card, but as with most things if you can get more a 256mg Gfx card would be best.
  13. My question is: What makes publish 27 good enough to resubscribe? Don't get me wrong. I was a Commando from the day I bought SWG. Going through the ups and downs over 2 years sucked. Getting back HW's was a good thing, but again... so what? What is there for a Vet of 2 years+ to do? Space? Been there, mastered Reb twice and Imp once. RoTW... omg please not that lag fest of broken quests and lame rewards. ToOW - Now that was a good months worth of content, but again it is only a months worth if you are just stepping on Mustafar for the first time. SWG had replayability (My new madeup word of the day) when you could re-make your toon at will, but now it's just boring. What SWG has always needed is a serious expansion built on the PvE GCW that takes literally 4+ months to complete for either side. I came from EQ where long drawn out story-lines were the norm and now I see why. Having an expansion that can be completed fully in less than a months time is a waste. I still can't believe that SOE expects customers to pay $30.00 for something like that. PvP... I used to love PvP when the FRS was around, hell I loved PvP in the CU. Drawn out battles that raged across 2-4 planets, different towns, GCW bases and through NPC cities was great. Now PvP lasts if you are lucky for a couple mins and either one side or the other is completely wiped out. Clone Zerging in a major NPC city sucks and (I hate to say it) young fellas wanting to PWN everything just got old really quick. Prehaps I'm just getting to jaded about the direction of SWG. I suppose it's as good a time as any to take an extended break from the game. I guess we'll see where the Dev's take SWG and if it's a direction that people who have left will once again want to follow.
  14. Sorry I should have had the url to the smuggler post. http://forums.station.sony.com/swg/board/message?board.id=ngesmuggler&message.id=305 There you go, it's a good read.
  15. For a long time now, SWG has been in a perpetual head on collision with the actual SWG community. Finally after almost 3 years, 3 expansions and the last nail in the coffin 2 combat revisions we have a community at war with not only the developers of SWG, but with Lucas Arts themselves. It's no secret that the majority of the SWG community and the computer gaming media world have looked at the NGE and come the same conclusions: the NGE is a car wreck. How could the biggest name in MMOG's today allow a complete revision of combat and professions/classes go live so incomplete that it is going to take the better part of a year to fix? It's a question that we in the community ask ourselves each day. It's a question that is asked as many of us now play other MMOG's hoping that SOE and LA finally conclude that perhaps the community is correct and release Pre-CU or Pre-NGE servers. I was reading the Smuggler board today, in there was an excellent post summarizing almost a full 3 years of promises after broken promises after more broken promises. This thread took the actual quotes by the Dev's compete with dates and laid it out for the community to look at. The OP took 3 posts to complete the layout for the quotes and timeline. The post is exactly what the Dev's need to stop and look at. The SWG Dev team should pause and reflect back at what was said, when it was said and then explain to the community why it wasn't followed through. Of course they can't/won't do that. GreenMarine is no longer with SWG and the 'vision' of Smugglers in SWG is again a long ways off... /snicker ok sorry that was cruel, I should have said will never happen. Was the OP trolling? I highly doubt it, I believe he is looking for answers knowing he won't get them, but he was going to make sure that the Dev's would be held accountable. It's been nearly 3 weeks since my account closed. In that time I have picked up WoW and joined the 5 million strong that Blizzard has in it's ranks. I've joined a guild that is mostly made up of SWG refugee's from Tarq. We're enjoying ourselves and actually grouping together as much as we can to complete missions and dungeon encounters. But WoW isn't Star Wars.... and many feel the pain of not playing the game we once thought we'd never leave. It truely is a shame that after nearly 3 years that the one and only fully emersive Star Wars MMO game on the market had to be revamped a second time, making it worse than the previous 2 incantations. As so many have said before... SWG had the potential to be absolutely amazing. To bad they missed the mark again and again.
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