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  1. You need to try KOTOR 1 it is a hundred times better than KOTOR 2. Thats why it was game of the year. As for EAW I gave it a 9. I love this game some people dont like things about it but I havent seen any real distractors. But there is always room for improvement I felt nothing that had to be in there was missing but there are some things that could have been in there that would have blown my socks off.
  2. Yeah I think that the rebels should be able to attack the DS during the battle. In fact any x-wing or b-wing can make a run just have their chance of hitting that port very very small while red squadron is pretty good. See I think this could have a larger affect. I think that advancing fleets should be able to attack planet based defenses such as ion cannons and hyper guns. It would work the same way as attacking the DS. Some sort of special attack move call it "attack run" or something the fighter/bomber disapears into the lower levels for awhile random chance of sucess maybe influenced by planetary defense or some DS upgrade "fighter protection". or have the ability to send your fighters to protect your defenses or DS.
  3. No I am with Wiz33 here, I dont like the fact that the death star gets the shot off. I think they need to change that. If the empire does not kill red squadron before the counter gets to zero then Luke should get his proton topedo run off in time and save the planet. or atleast it should not be able to fire until the space battle is over.
  4. I love the game but there are some things I think would make the game go from great to legendary. 1) Right now the glatic map feels too stale to me. ways to fix it: a) some news reports or chatter at the glatic level keeping you informed to what is happening. Especially if your the Rebels. think of it as a Toyko Rose like broadcast. b) add a level of diplomacy to the game like previously mentioned where in you recieve messages from neutral planets wishing to join your side or need your protection from the other faction. Mini missions you dont have to do if you dont want to. See I feel that the Stategic Map is too free form, key victories or defeats carry no real dramatic weight, which is odd do to the fact that this based on one of the greatest movies ever. c) Heros are wrong right now. Well I mean how you get them is wrong. You should earn them in battle not based on tech levels but they should show up based on your performance and aid you in a battle. there could be a formula to this granted like if you recruit enough bounty hunters you will end up getting the attenion of Bobo Fett. d) commanders, smugglers, bounty hunders, minor heros deserve names just like the ships. I dont care if their randomly generated I think it adds something, just me. e) More types of ships, bwings, tie advance, v-wings, clones. I dont care which way they go. I guess if they add the clone wars factions then go forward with the OT, if not I would expand the tech to include ep III-V, maybe b wings/tie advanced, SSD as a hero and a upgrade for the DS to fire on ships like a planetary defense weapon. f) veterans, I know this may not be practical so my thought is that like how some heros affect a planets production they also affect what can be build. Ex. A planet that Vader is on can now produce Vader's fist/ 501th infantry which are elite Stormies. Speaking of Stormtroopers, their special ability is wrong, Rebel troops should take cover but Stormies should have a rush ability like where they run and shoot. Think the begining of ep IV. g) clone wars factions, unless they plan to make another whole game like Republic at War or something?
  5. It most likely moves very slowly too. So it would not be hard to see it coming.
  6. Yeah I have to agree. Some things that Delphi pointed out about the demo was that cost and build time were greatly reduced so that we could play around with all ships. The Empires cheap ships are not that great. I mean Victories and Acclamators dont stike fear into the Rebel hearts or anything. ISD's are really good but are going to be really expensive and so to build which means if the rebels keep raiding planets the empire player will have to spread his forces out thus builing more cheap ships rather than more expensive ISDs. It will balance out fine. Even the Death star will be a real challenge to build and use. As for the realism aspect, I can see both sides of this. Perhaps they might point it back in as an optional part because its one of those dividing issues some people like to focus on the combat and fleet movements where as others are for the diplomacy.
  7. I would have to say the early summer/ late spring when I saw the E3 video. Got really excited as soon as I found out the out westwood guys were working on it. For a thousand generations Westwood was the creator of great RTS games, but that was before the dark times before EA. heehee.
  8. thought that was there main engines so they still have maneover thrusters. Real question is can they escape if you retreat?
  9. I agree with Darth_Torpid-PG on this one. Two Reasons 1) it feels more Star Wars ish. You never see battle damage being a factor. 2) You cant use the big flet method. Those rebels are crafty. You have to defend every planet or something is going to get raided big time. Cant tell you how many space stations I have lost playing the demo mods, thinking that way enought to defend a planet. Also the big fleet thing might work at the very end which is good no, running around dragging the game out forever. Once the tide has clearly turned it will be over in a grand sort of way.
  10. We yeah but the hard code stuff is what I ment. I am fully aware of IA 2 and the Legacy mod. However, with the addition of so many new jedi, meaning different force powers and what not. The game may evolve a bit. Not to mention the fact that as we play the game with the OT factions we may come up with ideals that change the game on some hardcoded level. No offense was intended toward the modders.
  11. I would love to see what they could do with the clone wars. I think the greater numbers of jedi would create some intresting match ups in how to balance out jedi vs droids. I respect what has already been done this would be a new challenge for Petroglyph, something I would like to see them work out. I think if done right the force can be exciting while still remaining reasonable as to not effect normal tactics to much. I also think if they did create the clone wars factions as new factions they would also try to give the OT only fans some things as well. There is no reason why they could not add a few new ships/troops.vehicles and options to the old OT factions as well.
  12. I have to agree with darthfergie there, I have been vocal about the number of units in EaW but I would rather see a few units used right then see another SWBG. I hope the detail that has been eluded to was not the massive amount of units in the SWBG, because they did not help, they made the game to cookie cut. Each faction had a special thing, ie AT-AT's could shot fighters. Other than that there was nothing different, not to mention you could disable the unique factions and play with identical factions which really sucked. The demo has already proved that this game will be 100% star wars not a mod of another game that was set in the medieval period.
  13. Bad news for Empire fans. I have already downloaded the demo and played it. You can only play as the rebels in the conquest mode.
  14. I like the idea but in reverse. I hope BF III has some of the elements of EaW in it. The idea that a group of humans fight the battle in FPS while another is a supreme commander playing a RTS is not bad. You could make it so that the other players have to listen to the leader by taking away their radar so in a sense their blind to want is around and are forced to rely on the command to move them about but at the same time they can take an object though any means they see fit to use. Reguardless this is more a battlefront III topic not EaW one.
  15. I am Empire all the way, because the dark side has many powers many would consider unnatural.
  16. I am sure their stuff is cheaper and dont forget the x-wing, fighter/bomber. Rebels think small scale and it works,xwings take down the Death star, awings take down SSD's in ROTJ, so dont worry rebel players, if you lose it wont be because of tech. Its because you suck....heehee.
  17. I voted yes but I dont want heros being killed by regular troops. No way would Darth Vader get taken out by some rebel troops. I think only heros can kill other heros. The rest of the time they just escape the battlefield.
  18. To be fair the Accalamator does not land in EaW. Troops and vehicles are dropped by shuttle we have seen it in the screen shots so who cares what ship gets them there. Accalamator or Venator, in a way its just a light cruiser, tech one ship that carries your ground forces.
  19. Ok I am sorry I shouldnt have said all EU is fake. What I ment is that it can be fake and should not alway be taken seriously. If nothing else taken as less important to stuff seen in the movies. ie Victories vs Venators. Also in response to the need to remove the old republic stuff. I dont agree. Palpatine had his stamp on the Republic. Clones, acclamators, Venators, may have been "republic ships" but in reality they were his. When the time came they all fallowed order 66 without question. So the idea that Venators were decommisioned because they reminded people of the Republic is as dumb as saying that they discontinued clones because people saw they and thought of liberty and justice??? Empire stuff is just bigger. I get the impression that palpatine had a need to create very big things like ssds and the DS. Venators were most likely just not grand enough for main stream imperial use thus there not in the movies but the Acclamator and Venator have no reason to be decomissioned. Remember the tech used at this point in Star Wars has been around for thousands of years what could have changed to warrent such large scale decoms?
  20. Define a huge change? The Victory class sd is a EU thing and no offense to EU fans but its all made up nothing is offical except what we see in the movies....ie the Venator is a real ship, in the movies, the victory is not. Now if I was forced to chose one I would pick one I have seen in a movie over a EU concept ship. Also there is a good point to be made about the F-15. The reason it is still around is because its a great design and tech has not changed that much. What changed in the Star Wars Universe that would render the Venator so out dated that its like a spitfire in a seath bomber world? I dont see any change in tech so advance that anything in the clone wars could have not survived to the Civil war era. Space travel, same... laser fire basically the same, fighters ability.. more or less the same... a few up grades and you cant tell the stuff apart. ISD's are just bigger, more guns, maybe abit fast who knows, in my view.
  21. I voted yes, despite it all this looks to be the best overall star wars rts game ever.
  22. I have to agree, the rebellion was not strong enough to fight an open war against the Empire at first. However consider two points. One we could still have an Imperial campaign like BF II where as you are the Empire fighting small cells and pirates....call it Trials of the Empire or something. Two, when playing the free style campaign, who cares about time line stuff. Hell right now tech 1 only has aclamators, that anit right. It doesnt matter its only a game. Triarri are not pikemen. Tech 1 could be Early Imp stuff. Just create some cool early, I dont care perhaps EU, rebel stuff and were fine. Its truely a create your only star wars timeline.
  23. Well to be fair, you cant use a history arguement on a fictional timeline. Lucus himself has not been above changing star wars history to fit his own needs. As far as the Venators I voted in favor of returning them. Look I love the OT ok no questions ask, hands down. The prequels were ok, now there tech was really cool becuase special effects and so forth are so much better now. But my reason was that there is this whole time period of early empire that we have never seen. The transition for the old republic to a total empire. These are the days of the Imperial senate inwhich the Rebellion grew out of. A move from Clones to Stormtroopers. Me I want alot of stuff to breech the gap. Me I would have had the Empire start of with mostly EpIII stuff. If this leaves the Rebels with less stuff, then create some, ok its just a scifi movie game. Some people around here act as if Star Wars were WWII or something. It never happened Lucus was not a war corespondant in a glalaxy far far away. All the stuff from EpIII was made up like two years ago. There making up stuff to include in BFME II perhaps EAW should do the same. Bring in the guys who thought up the new tech and bridage a gap between Rebel stuff in OT to stuff they might have had in the beginning.
  24. Funny thing is that it is not on the offical web sites list of ships. Makes me wonder what other surprises are out their.
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