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  1. How can u downlaod it? If u can i would but i have a 56k
  2. pin the tail on the Barbra Streisand..... luke got first place and termie got second and then luke went and said "hey wasn't i supposed to kill u" termy looked around and said " Look it's ur dad" Luke quickly turned around and then terminator took it his famous double barreled shotgun and hit luke over the head with it.... He dragged him down a hole (not that type, u evil person) and locked the door then suddenly a ravenus Man/Metal eating T-Rex burst out form the ground and ate KordKelly. So .............. [ November 16, 2001: Message edited by: Agen_Terminator ]
  3. Come on Gonk i didn't do anything why do u think i didn't mention anything like that i jsut "suggested without using any of the words that he did" + whatchda mean it's crap!
  4. It would be coool if you took your single player character to mp (like Black & White) i also think you'll only be able to pick truly dark or light anyway..... i must try and get a place where i can get jk2 early as it comes out accoring to amazon 2 month later than america here in uk even thoguh those dates aren't official. i gotta get a place to ship it ffrom us to here hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  5. But you must remember because Half Life aliens were invading and killing so people would have either been killed or evacated and it wasn't that empty and there isn't supposed to be civs in a top priority lab
  6. LMFAO how do u know? suspiciously stares at him j/k
  7. This is True but within the next 10-20 years we're gonna hit a wall for a long time and take a while to get our comps faster
  8. [edit - Gonk - This is your last warning termi..... stop using that fowl language and insulting things for no reason. You have been warned] [ November 16, 2001: Message edited by: GonkH8er ]
  9. and struck a walking fishthat was taking down notes for Mr Lucas and the luke fell to his knees and started to cry and terminator......... [ November 15, 2001: Message edited by: Agen_Terminator ]
  10. [edit - Gonk - No guys... lets not ] [ November 16, 2001: Message edited by: GonkH8er ]
  11. hmmm now u must have T3 super cool version to download a full game... is it a demo? [ November 13, 2001: Message edited by: Agen_Terminator ]
  12. Welcome to the Boards! try to ignore Bart's spamming so he can become a jedi knight
  13. I really really hope they'll release it globally as then it's all fair because then we can get a chance to start at same time and deevelop eliteness at our own rate rather than till after the american release
  14. [edit - Gonk - I wish you'd stop doing this term. I come here to enjoy myself, not to sort through your crap.] [ November 16, 2001: Message edited by: GonkH8er ]
  15. Can't you guys understand..... i mean Maul can hardly speak never mind noticing a bit of cloth flying over his head nad when ur dumb u'll take even longer to react -------------------------- Kapeesh?
  16. ... dropepd to his knees and tried to do a jedi mind trick on it..... The Terminator got angry and kicked yoda across the church (remember we're in a chrurch because of kyle's funeral) adn then Yoda murmered " have some respect dude" so the terminator dragged yoda outside and ripped off his mask!!!! it was terminator Yoda said " Why were u dressed up as a terminator and why the hell did u come out of barbra!!!!! Terminator said.." She ate me" and then he aimed at yoda's head and......................................
  17. well sniper may get through but.... unless u have shields on ur head.... i think u don't have too much of a chance unless u have a head like mine (Metal)
  18. and barbra ate all the peices..... and Yoda walked through the door and said to her... "U killed the main character, You retard" and Barbra said...
  19. Agen

    Nov PC Gamer

    ARE YOU LISTENING ME!?! SEND ME THE SCREENS! [ November 11, 2001: Message edited by: Agen_Terminator ]
  20. [edit- Gonk - say something like that again termy and youre gone..... ok?] ------------ (in Topic) Think about this only kyle could run out of ammo because the stomies have backpacks that recharge their guns. But that's still a good idea and i still hope they include it ------Another Question - How many Splash damage weapons are there [ November 11, 2001: Message edited by: GonkH8er ]
  21. Jar Jar isn't that. he's actually quite funny but i really thought he was gonna be chucked out even thoguh we were told about him being in it. And Boom Boom, emmmmmmm u have some grudge against Jar Jar
  22. if you look in the new dvd trailer thing jar jar is in it. Look if u have it! Where Anakin is saying he'll get whoever is trying to kill her!! i'll send a screenshot soon.
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