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  1. What did I do to her? Still trying to figure that one out. I think I might have had the nerve to pay the cell phone bill, see a number that I just could not recall and dial it. It happened to be her fricking boss, with whom she was sleeping around with. So I guess as her lawyer puts it, I "invaded her privacy." I pretty much am screwed on this one guys. Don't get married. Just find a woman who hates you and give her about 35% of your pay check each week.
  2. According to the lawyer, all of my possesions became half hers when we got married. Any additions to my comic collection made after that time, also half hers. She is wanting her "half" of the collection sold for market value. (HA HA, comics at market value...what is that, cover price?) What really irks me, is that she wants HALF of every series. I have a run of Daredevil that goes back to issue 7 (original series) She wants half of the collection...she will not let me buy her out or give her a fair value of other comics. She wants half of Daredevil. She printed my list of comics I own from my computer and gave it to her lawyer. I can't give anything away without having to pay her "market value". Word of advice..before you get married, get rid of everything. It will save time later.
  3. That pretty much is her plan. She was looking online and priced my collection on a few things. She went to Amazon and checked the price on that Surfin the Highway.... My lawyer told me now that she has a price on the damn thing she can ask for it, or a fair value of it. I was just trying to get it to fan. I guess I will just post it on EBAY. Later
  4. I will sell it outright for $125.00. I want a fan to get it and not my soon to be blood sucking ex-wife. Make me a legit offer an this is yours. I will throw in the color special with it. 7red
  5. I went back and found/bought the Sam & Max Freelance Police: Special Color Collection, and a couple copies of the ONI Double Feature #10. (If anybody needs a copy) It only had the 1 page strip. And yes while true, I do not have the super cool drawing (you lucky weasel) on the inside cover, I feel lucky to have found the collection period. I literally just stumbled across it and came on line to see where I remembered the strip from. So, now I have read parts of it and feel the need to track down a copy of the game. (Ebay.... ahhh). Anyway, it was this boards high praise that introduced me to the characters. Before this I had seen a few episodes of the short lived cartoon series. Thanks Everyone's Pal 7red
  6. Ok, so I was reading about how hard this book is to find and how expensive it is. I go down to my local comic shop and pick up a copy for $11.32. I take it that was a steal. Everyone's pal 7red
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