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  1. Here is the same driver skin but with bacaras head...and also i will remove the kilt...well if ya think it good with kilt then its gonna stay...but if not ... okay here some SS :
  2. omeewan i think you can...just give credit to the creator of the model...
  3. Alex you gave me an Idea... ill try making my skin with bacara head maybe it will look better ty for idea :PP
  4. Some Updates on the Driver skin... +soma scraches and the helm line bhind the visor is a lil better now 2 bad i dunno how 2 add a back pack from cody nad Antena on his helm maybe from ARC troopers...any 1 knows ?
  5. RevanSithLord ye sure...or i can upload it somewhere...like PCGM if they fixed the problem they had... and alex533 maybe u can upload some ss of ur skin ? i wanna c and.... kinda ugly
  6. OK now i made a new clone...its (All Terrain Personal Transport Driver) soo what ya all think ?
  7. ok ok URL'S IT IS ... here an URL's on Rly big update of this Driver skin !!! http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c43/DarkFoxFromHell/vodila.jpg http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c43/DarkFoxFromHell/vodila2.jpg http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c43/DarkFoxFromHell/vodila3.jpg http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c43/DarkFoxFromHell/vodila4.jpg
  8. NightFox

    Boba Fett

    nice... just dont make the shoulder pads like CLONE's
  9. (All Terrain Personal Transport Driver) lol just thried 2 make a DRIVE skin HE LOOKS STUPID ON SS
  10. Not mine i think...he is talking bout urs
  11. i can try 2 Alore - Resskin or the stock jedi twilek as ome sad.
  12. What kind of Clone pilot ya need ? gimme SS i can try btw GREAT MODEL !
  13. Ok tell me how 2 do this GLOW thing
  14. I think i dont even know how :PPPPP and Zappa Ty
  15. *UPDATE* i gues that it for him...maybe if some1 has any ideas then i might change something on him
  16. heh this is all good , but they are old models...and i dont skin that good 2 make em better... AND WHO NEEDS eM you got DELTA SQUAD VM !!!
  17. Thnx Buffy for COOL SS and here is that Flame Trooper with a lil updated HELM...(stil crafting)
  19. done this...still no icons ?! w8 ill upload it 2 rapidshare and can you DL it and fix ?! or maybe you hawe MSN ?!
  20. AA its like .... default_ARC_Soldier , icon_ARC_Soldier ?! that what you mean ?
  21. Thnx zappa ill try 2 do this..as i understood...i shud rename all of em 2 icon_arc2 and default_arc2 ? or shud i do like one of them arc1 next arc2 , arc3 .. etc ?! AND HERE IS MY NEW SKIN I Call him FLAME TROOPER or FIRE TROOPER
  22. Ome , this green skin is pretty good , but his head is WHITE and BODY..well...GREY ! LOL
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