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  1. Try the compile again using the latest svn. The warnings for the type cast on the memory trap functions was fixed.
  2. Posting it here since the bug report site is down, and I will probably forget by the time it comes up. In basic/docs/OJP_vehicles.txt, there are 2 lines that are conflicting: under "TRANSITION ANIMS" under "Base game .veh parameters:" I never used the veh system, so I dont know which one is correct, although I assume that turnWhenStopped does indeed work. At any rate, I will leave it for someone who knows more about vehicles to fix.
  3. On the JA coding part of these forums, someone had allowed players to 'tag' the map by creating decals on it. Mabe somthing like that could be done? That would require the client game to somehow get information on the textures of the surfaces though...
  4. I am going to derail this conversation for a moment and jump back to the possibility of changing weapon accuracy while moving. For an experimental mod based on ojp-e, I already set up its weapon code to allow overrides of velocity/damage/rate of fire, and the rest. I can work it in, if you feel that this is something we will do. Btw I finished the 'seeker npc' code I mentioned here earlier, currently it acts thusly: When the player uses the seeker item, the seeker npc is spawned but the player keeps the item. The player can 'use' the seeker item again to command the npc to do actions, the actions are dependant on what the aim target is. If the player is aiming at an enemy, the seeker will actively chase and hunt that enemy. If the player is aiming at an ally, the seeker will follow and protect that ally If the player is aiming at nothing, the seeker will go to the place they aimed at and circle around until it finds and enemy, then go after it. I have included code ready to take the skill settings for the total blaster shots before it explodes (or drops to the floor with no ammo, THEN explode. I will work on that sp feature), damage per shot, and adjust the min and max time between shots fired. Also I included as an experiment the ability to have the seeker act as a radar, and beep faster the closer an enemy player is to it. The range is settable in the seeker spawn code, so it can be scaled based on skill or disabled completely. It includes options to force a line of sight from the seeker or have it act as more radarish and pick up players through walls I will upload it as soon as I get the ok and svn access from razorace. Anyway, for the flamethrower: just throwing this idea out there, it probably uses too many ents too rapidly to be feasible, but what if each 'flame' from the affect was an entity itself, allowing it to burn and damage you as it passes through you, and also allowing the player to run while flaming and actually get hurt by their own fire. Or we could do it the cheap way and just force damage onto the player if they are moving with a certain forward speed while flaming. I like the flamethrower how it is, at any rate. It isn't a quick jet burst like the other mods that I played have, but more of a realistic billowing flame.
  5. Going back to the "commanding npcs" idea mentioned before, how about turning the 'seeker' item into a true npc like it was originally intended to be (seeing as ojp has md3 modeled npcs working now). The seeker would last until it is shot down, and you could give it simple commands (follow me, go other there, attack on sight, attack my target). I have made something similar to this before, and am fairly confident I could code this in, if razorace doesn't have time for it.
  6. I was going to post here and talk about how the nice part about open source communities is that if one person leaves, there are still others working on it, but I checked the svn log and it seems that besides from a rare entry by ensiform, razorace has been the only one to submit changes to ojp-e... drat... I am fairly new to this community, but I have been intending to become involved in building ojp. The problem is every idea I have falls under the catagory of 'unique changes'... I can take up working on ojp for bug fixes, but other than that I dont really have any ideas on how to further it.
  7. ledge grab with a jetpack running looks a bit odd, especially with the role-up animation if you pull up onto the edge (jetpackers really shouldn't do a summersault that close to the ground...) It would probably be good to either disable ledge grab with jetpack, or better yet shut jetpack off when you grab the ledge. Or you could let jetpackers grab onto the ledge, and push themselves away from it for a bit of height and speed away from the wall.
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