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  1. How by chance does that pittling militia compare to what's going on in Sudan? But is it? That ideology comes from somewhere and it does in fact come from the Koran. Which hasn't changed at all since the 17th century, during a time when Christianity was as bad or worse than Muslims. This would assert that terrorist groups kill for the simple love of killing. There is a distinction between religious extremists who kill people and serial killers like Ted Bundy. One must look and read into the Koran to discover the many different interpretations, interestingly severe misogyny is pretty clear cut. I disagree, as you can see Islamic terrorists are caught and prosecuted even in most Muslim countries. Your point would assert that by bombs, bullets and imprisonment....Islamic radicalism/oppression would go away. Islam is more than a belief, it's a culture, it's a movement. It spreads, multiplies quickly and seeps into institutions and governments. It should mostly stay in the middle east IMO as it flourishes in Liberal democracy while eroding those liberal principles in the name of multi-culturalism. Do you want sharia in your neighborhood? http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/4215182.stm If you happen to be raped you'll need four witnesses or you will be charged with adultery and punished of course for disobeying 'almighty Allah'. Apparently he's 'oh so merciful'. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/14698757/
  2. This is a thread concerning Islam and the definition of what the Bush administration calls, "Islamic Fascism." I know many people here love criticizing Christianity and it's adherents. There are plenty of places to do that and I'd welcome a thread on Christian faults/oppression so long as we could stick to the topic here. The pope is a wanted man by the way, he was rude I guess.
  3. Guess whats sadistic? Britains getting blown up and the Islamic community telling the government they should change their foreign policy. Have fun living under Sharia toms.
  4. http://www.aftenposten.no/english/local/article1458080.ece Should Norway's laws be changed? Perhaps Dagobahn can tell us what opinion Norwegians have of animal sex? To tell you the truth, I don't know much about it. Perhaps it isn't a bad thing though I couldn't imagine it being a 'good thing'. I just haven't looked into it. Should this type of thing be legal? You tell me.
  5. I'm told that Pat Robertson actually lets his wife drive an automobile and speak with men outside her family. Why must we bring up Christianity when someone criticizes Islam? I love it how there is this knee jerk reaction on the left that naively marry's the two religions together. I can't wait to hear about the IRA, an organization that pales in comparison to the global jihad. Islam killed more people in two hours (9/11) than the IRA has killed in the last 30-40 years. It was funny of someone to bring up Indian Christians, tell me... does that compare to the Islamic Jihad in size and scope? Are there more Muslims blowing up innocents in the name of Islam or more Christians blowing up innocents in the name of Christianity? Could this be because of their cult like religion? One simply has to wonder. I hope your inability to criticize Islam isn't rooted in your fear of 'radicalizing Muslims'.... the stick the British Muslim community brings up when they drop the carrot. The key is in the name. The United States didn't bomb Iraq in the name of Christ nor did Hitler murder 3 million Polish Christians in the name of Christ. Please, find me at least 10 terrorist attacks in the last 10 years that were done in the name of Christ and I can point you to a mere hundred perpetrated in the name of Muhammed. It would be a tip of the ice berg. Of course lefties denouncing my post as 'stupid' comes to no surprise. We recently had former Iranian President Khatami visit Harvard, the Mecca of multiculturalism. When he was asked about the persecution of homosexuals he defended it by stating that homosexuality was a crime. There were no walk outs. There were no boos. There was no hissing. ....but there were applause at the end. Now imagine if an American Christian was there stating that homosexuality was a mere sin. Imagine the reaction to that. Below is a picture of two homosexual men, two of many that have been hung for loving another man in Iran.
  6. Name one Liberal that has denounced this vile component of our medical establishment. Just name one, this issue really makes the left squirm. Oh and Tom, I'd be more concerned about innocent children being murdered than a bunch of detainees in an American prison. Heck I'd worry more about political prisoners in the hands of dictatorships, not the US.... but you know that already.
  7. Nice vernacular. Is it 'retarded' because it challenges your little assumptions? Some times people get angry when their assumptions are challenged... People often respond to the list by disparaging other religions, as if pulling everyone down to the same level satisfies some sort of moral preconception about religion and culture in general. Since no other religion inspires the sort of terrorism that Islam produces, the critic invariably finds it necessary to change the rules of comparison for one side of the equation in order to contrive preferred results. Typically, this will take the form of reaching far back into a religion's history to find the worst that can be found, even if it is in a time of war or is in utter contradiction to the teachings of the faith. In a fit of self-congratulation, the critic then holds their straw man up against the truly global jihad, failing to realize the extent to which they have mitigated their own argument. I care for Muslims, which is why I hate Islam and the way it treats women and non-Muslims. You can see this across the world, wherever Islamic communities are found. Islamic societies are so oppressive that Muslims themselves leave them in droves, take a look at the 50 million Muslims in Europe. Remember that I'm asking you for your definition of Islamic Fascism because I'm not sure it's the right phrase. I'd like to stick to 'Islamic Intolerance', which has been a major component of Islam since it's beginnings.
  8. Ah yes an honest appraisal of the situation, of course Dagobahn is still convinced that the sky is falling and that America is on par with dictatorships throughout history. When ever I go to the beach, I like to think about how free I am and how so very alone they feel, makes me warm inside.
  9. o.o is gone? I used to play on there all the time, until I got re-addicted to BF2 three weeks ago. I believe Aztec was on here when Dsbr posted a 'review' of their server. Go to their forum, it's pretty much all in Spanish but they speak English fine. http://www.my-forum.org/foros.php?id=13041
  10. Oh you two. Please when you list facts like that Toms, I need some sources. Surely you know that if one person is MURDERED like this then it's a tragedy enough, is there safety in numbers for you? Secondly both of you weren't able to come up with one single Democrat/Liberal in the United States that has spoken out against this. Plenty of Senators have spoken out about those poor Gitmo detainees and I haven't seen any peace protesters rallying outside the abortion clinics. You, personally may find it disgusting and so I guess you have some common sense. Though your focus is on the wrong place, just like others on the left. Surely you have or would protest the war in Iraq, why wouldn't you do something about this? It's a question and most liberals here have either beat around the bush or accused me of generalizing. I'm not, alot of liberals have some common sense on this issue so I'm just wondering why they feel more strongly about Gitmo detainees than children taken from life when they were about to experience it. I'm simply asking for some examples. Oh and if you voted for Kerry, he voted against the partial birth act..so voting for Kerry was effectively a vote for partial birth abortion.
  11. Is it the intolerant, misogynestic, theocratic oppression that is fundamentalist Islam? Could it be used to describe mideast governments like Saddam Hussein's? The Iraqi Baath party was a socialist movement and was remarkably secular when compared to its neighbors. We are witnessing a massive change in Europe, former powers such as Britain and France now have sizable Muslim populations that have proven troublesome at times. Is it Islams lack of a reformation that's leading this wave of slaughter across the world? Most of the conflicts in the world have something to do with an Islamic population. Across Asia and Europe, to the United States and even in the Caribean. Of course not every Muslim is a terrorist, the broad majority live very peaceful lives. The trouble is that there is no reformation, no growth in the core of Islam. After each terrorist attack there is a 'schock' and 'horror' in the Muslim community but is anything ever done about the extremism? Little to nothing. Recently the Muslims in Europe expressed shock at the recent failed plot, though stated that Britain's foreign policy was causing it. It's good cop, bad cop in political speach. Why can't Islam get it's act together?
  12. Dagobahn, I don't believe you or your flimsy evidence from biased organizations and think tanks, give it a rest. Even if they were really being tortured there, I'd be half mad at best. Much more of an army than the Norwegian military, bigger than the entire thing really. That might make you feel like I'm being yet another cocky American but it's a fact. For your information, the US Army is very much in Iraq. Again this is your view point, this is how you and the organizations you agree with define torture. Any allegations of torture are taken very seriously by the US Government and we have people in jail due to the HANDFUL of embarassments in Iraq. A handful of incidents when hundreds of thousands of US Soldiers have served in Iraq with dignity, respect and bravery. Know your source. Ya know I was about to say the same thing about you. I'm expecting to hear any minute now that Bush lied and he controls the media. You need to diversify your sources my friend, America is not the empire you want it to be. Well at least I know my population wasn't complicit in the wholescale slaughter of Jewish people just 60 years ago. Sure it wasn't the US's reason for going to war but it wasn't going on in our backyard. Often times Nazi occupied territories saw their own people rounding up and in some cases killing jews. This was just a short while back. Terrorism is the use of violence against civilians to foment political/religious change in a given society. One can see this process in action if he looks back at the Madrid bombings, Islamic terrorism won big time that day and sighed a breath of relief. They're still under threat by the way, capitulation is a hallmark of European history. If any nukes go off in the Middle East they'll be in Tehran of Tel Aviv. My bet is that Iran is going to be nuked and it's going to happen sooner than people think. Abu Ghraib was one incident that was wrong and indecent, one mistake. Gitmo is a different story, I haven't heard of anything I and others in my camp would define as torture. The media that you read and listen to sensationalizes this. They make it seem like it's an institutionalized thing. They're polarized and they don't want to see America succeed in the middle east. Wow another biased organization. 911 happened because OBL was huffy about the presence of US troops on 'holy' soil. He responds by attacking American interests and one can assume, emboldened by Clinton's pathetic resolve and lack of common sense. Yes there is a bias against the United States and we all know that a 'bias' is a bad thing because the world is not black and white. The US Military, as an occupier, is the most professional, respectful and humanitarian fighting force the middle east has ever seen. Arguably the world.
  13. So you're all for military tribunals? Me too. It's too bad that the supreme court in all it's wisdom decided that enemy combatants deserve the same legal system afforded to our citizens. A shame... quite a shame. It hurts America because there is a bias against America, especially in the middle east. There is simply no other 'occupying' force in the history of the middle east that has treated the 'local population' as good as the US Military. There will always be mistakes, do you think the US Military just likes to see people suffer? Give me a break, we're too merciful in my opinion and that's interpreted as a weakness in that savage part of the world.
  14. First shouldn't this be in the Gitmo thread where it belongs? My reasons for not caring are these ---> 1. When you have a loved one serving in Afganistan, it's hard to care for their well being..let alone petition for their fair treatment. 2. They are not soldiers from a recognized military, they are not combatants from a Geneva signatory, they do not have papers and they did not have a uniform. 3. I don't think they're being tortured like other people are being tortured around the world so again it's a little hard to care. Also they released this little Canadian punk that killed a US Army Medic with a hand grenade. So they didn't have all the proof in the world, it's a battlefield after all.... but the Canadians will release him soon as their Muslim population is all up in arms. So again I couldn't care less about them, even if there are mistakes there. You also have to look at your definition of torture, everyone has a different perspective.
  15. Sure I do, if his story is true. There will always be mistakes in a war TK, there will always be innocents lossed...always have always will. I think firing squad for the soldiers is a bit harsh given the offence, surely you can agree. Would you support the firing squad for detainees if they were found guilty? I don't think you would because most of the civilized world hates capital punishment. People might call you a fascist American I thought you wanted to shoot them? Oh and I'd never advocate firing squad for these detainees, I want them to languish under our mercy while eating ethnicaly sensitive foods.
  16. Your justice is a joke. You just eliminated any shred of credibility you had with that statement. You didn't even bring up the possiblity of a trial, something you would readily afford suspected terrorists that are not US citizens and do not come from a true military (no papers, no uniform).
  17. Forced into a corner? Already declaring victory at the start of the debate? What pains me is folks on the left center on Bush as being primarily at fault for 911. It's as if Al Qaeda didn't exist before 911 to these people. I'll be the first to admit that there were intelligence failures during Bush's first 8 months but alot of that had to do with Clinton butchering our intelligence infrastructure and allowing Bin Laden to run free after both Sudan and Yemen tried to hand him over. Clinton could have had him, instead he just cries at the funeral of murdered embassy workers. I'm sure Bin Laden got a kick out of that. That's all, try not to be so defensive and show a little more context when you make accusations towards the American government. I think alot of the criticism leveled towards Bush really gives him more credit than he's worth, he doesn't control everything. Sure why not, just don't pretend like it's all Bush's fault. Oh wait..I forgot...everything is Bush's fault these days.
  18. Toms, I thought with your left wing background you'd be in favor of a nanny state. Lamont isn't going to be any better in that respect, except he'll be a total noob in congress and he won't be able to pull as much dough as Lieberman....because he's a noob. I can't wait until November, the Democrats aren't going to take back congress and at best they'll only lose Connecticut...to themselves.
  19. Yes and being exceedingly pro-Palestinian I'm sure you can understand why they avoid the Israeli military and blow up civilians. To each his own. Cry me a river. I don't think the Gitmo detainees are being tortured in the classical sense, in order to extract data from a detainee you need to make him feel uncomfortable and it's a far cry compared to most other governments. You just don't hear about it because America is the new bad guy apparently. Again I don't care about the detainees, I don't think detainees are harmed physically on a broad scale but I certainly wish they were. Yeah and it's all from the same organization. Where's the data behind it? You don't have the data behind it and you don't care because you agree. They're judging people's responses based upon what they believe is going on in Iraq, just their opinion and they may be smart people but not that smart. Again you don't mind because you can agree with it, only natural.
  20. Cool, something we can agree on. The drugs/prostitution thing for me is in principal of course, I don't think I'd want to legalize meth but...you get the drift. But yeah, FoxNews has been very outspoken in their disdain for Bush's immigration policy so... I wouldn't go so far as to say they toe the Bush line absolutely. They didn't like one of his picks for the supreme court either...I don't think any body did.
  21. Libertarian? Then surely you would support the 2nd amendment and the legalization of drugs/prostitution? Two things I can agree with, the drugs part in principle. Watching FoxNews, every pundit has shown disgust with Bush's immigration policy (and I agree). So they don't agree on everything, sorry.
  22. The United States government doesn't negotiate with terrorists. Besides, why is it all about Bush 24/7? Bush's demands were after 3000 Americans were murdered by Al Qaeda, honorable guests of the Taliban. Afganistan is one country that deserved a regime change. Can't you admit that Clinton failed..and failed miserably in regards to Al Qaeda? Clinton could have had Bin Laden...but he was too weak...too weak.
  23. Really? Bush was in office for about 8 months while Clinton pandered and stuck his head in the sand for 8 years. Mansoor Ijaz, who negotiated with Sudan on behalf of Clinton from 1996 to 1998, paints a portrait of a White House plagued by incompetence, focused on appearances rather than action, and heedless of profound threats to national security. Ijaz also claims Clinton passed on an opportunity to have Osama bin Laden arrested. Sudanese President Omar Hassan Ahmed Bashir, hoping to have terrorism sanctions lifted, offered the arrest and extradition of bin Laden and "detailed intelligence data about the global networks constructed by Egypt's Islamic Jihad, Iran's Hezbollah and the Palestinian Hamas,” Ijaz writes in today’s edition of the liberal Los Angeles Times. http://www.newsmax.com/archives/articles/2001/12/5/153637.shtml Clinton could have had Bin Laden, instead he was just too scared of what his liberal friends would say.
  24. I'm not here to hand out course curriculum. If you don't know what partial-birth abortion is then I suggest you do a little research. Liberals and the left wing are at least indifferent to this issue out of fear of being branded as pro-life. If you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem.
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