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  1. i have configured the JA+ server.cfg and tried the .bat files... all of them. but my "guests" always get the "awaiting conection .. 1,2,3..." screen and stay there indefinetly. i have disengaged windows' firewall but i have a router, so i hear that could be the problem. i don't know how to set the router to let JKA through, so that is the first question... =/ the other question i asked myself on several ocasions, was if i set the cfg correctly. i would ask someone to post some general server.cfg values that are needed for optimal play(like sv_maxclients, rate etc), aswell as adding a word or two about what it does.
  2. ...the problem is i don't even remember installing it... would you know what this program is actually supposed to do?
  3. i tried to install two versions of 3ds max but somwhere to the end of the process i found that i can't do that due to a program "monitor.exe". i tried to close it but couldn't find out how. any help?
  4. i know it says skins in the title, but it really isn't that. the skins were only the indicator that my JA+ version 2.4 beta1 client plugin isn't running propperly. as a skinner i use shaders in my skins, and was about to release a skinpack but at the last test there were none. first i thought i did something wrong with the skin files but then again, sabers look funny aswell...saber blades appear in black squares. so if anyone knows of a way to counteract this please post. i have been using this mod for some time now and have encountered problems of this sort, but mostly it had something to do with too much pk3s in the base forlder. now i have modified the pk3s so that they mostly are in one pk3, but the error just doesn't want to go away...
  5. really. truuuuuuuset them. truuuuust them. i've always had sth for SW but one of my friends didn't. once he got through SP he wasn't interested anymore. then again, after we've tried out the MP he wouldn't go off the comp .
  6. the character file is actually the .npc behavour control. it is the base of the npc's characteristics. it sets the charachter's name, weapons used, battle tactics, model, force powers, force points, hit points, speed etc. enter "assets1/ext_data/npcs/" and you will find the npc files. there you can modify the character file to your wishes and apply it to a model...custom or not -> your choice. in any case, after you have done that, go ingame and change your playermodel to what you wish with the "playermodel <npc name>" cmd. your model should then transform and you should have most of the characteristics you configed. i can give you a tutorial on how to make it really easy to "be the model you want". even inside the cutscenes. so gimme a shout if you want that.
  7. SP or MP? in SP you should modify the character file. in MP im not sure.
  8. i don't quite have a favourite...though the story behind sariss and yun(i think that's the youngster's name) is quite tempting.
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