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  1. talk about reviving a dead thread.. this post is like 5 years old guys lol
  2. pleaaseeeeeeee i need help anyoneeeeee
  3. anyone else able to help me out?
  4. uhhh yeah its been a while, have you forgotten? anyone else able to help? I reallly wanna play this game.
  5. It is on disc 1. If you have AIM, my sn is whohasabomb or send me in a email to blackbelt_dude_2000@hotmail.com Thank you!
  6. not sure if this is the correct place to put this, (and hey whats up all), but I have focom installed on my machine. somehow i had gotten the cd scratched up, and the file "focom.ini" was corrupted. I tried to recover the file through various programs and it wont work. (now i start the game, get a loading screen, then it closes :\ ) So I was wondering if i could get the focom.ini file from anyone, or if they could copy the contents down for me? That would be awesome!
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