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Disabling idle saber glow?


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Does anyone know how to disable the idle saber glow WITHOUT disabling the saber blur? I player around with the saber effect graphics and the saber.shader, but I could'nt do it. I could disable the blur and keep the idle glow, but not the other way around. I'd like to make a hiltpack mod replacing the default sabers with a variety of melee weapons. This would entail shutting off the glow the weapons make when they are not moving/attacking, while keeping the blur for swings (ala Soul Calibur 2, or most melee based action games). I'd also like to do this without using an rgb const function in the saber.shader. I saw laghima's kiriai mod used this, but it gave every weapon a gray trail, regardless of the chosen color.


Some things I've tried include blackening out the 'line' graphic for each saber. This minimizes the glow but does not delete it. I tried blackening the blur_core, which removes the white central core to the glow, but the saber still glows faintly. I tried blackening the blur_glow, which deletes the blur trail entirely. I've also messed with the sabertrail graphic but it doesn't appear to do anything. The only thing I found that works is by blackening the colorglow2 jpgs (where color is one of the available saber colors.) Although this does turn off the idle glow, and leaves the trail intact, the trail is always pure white, as it is using the blurglow jpg. Is it possible to duplicate the blurglow jpg and alter its color, and then edit the saber.shader so each color saber uses a different blurglow graphic? Any help is greatly appreciated.





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