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I muse in reading the recent venting of voter frustration regarding the attack on our venerable Canadian politicians by pie-armed civilians.


BEWARE: The great minds in Ozzawa are probably drafting a new law supported by the Pies Can Kill lobby that will require every pie to be registered and all pie makers photographed and issued an ident-card to allow them to purchase those restricted ingredients that result in a pie.


The registrant must list the various makes of pies in their arsenal and failure to do so would result in a fine and/or incarceration. Anyone in possesion of an unregistered pie will be subject to forfeiture and revoking of said Permit for a period yet to be determined. The ingredients must be kept in a locked storage and not readliy visible so that someone without the Pie Permit could not avail themselves of pieing without a licence.


Then it would require a licence bureau, employment of political relatives, great benefits, a retirement package fit for a king, and the well-over-budget bureaucratic paper shuffle that we have become accustomed to.


YEAH! Good idea! Go for it!


Name Changed As Part Of The Activist Protection Program, Moncton.



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Nitro, the Commanding Officer of the Rogue Alliance



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