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My Strategy for Fest, need improvements, any ideas?


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When I play Fest I either lose an AT-PT or low on time.

I start off by taking down the first turtle you see. After that I destroy the laser turrets in a crooked line and swing over to the turtle by the shield generator. I take out the turrets and the bunker behind them and as I'm turning to get to the turtle walker I take a couple of shots at the generator and the bunker. When I'm done wrapping the walker I have a couple of seconds before the gate is destroyed so I destroy the generator and kill a couple of storm troopers. When the gate is down I destroy the first 3 tank droids and fly down the valley. I destroy the last laser turret in the diamond formation and the tank droids come. I destroy the ones that are on the same side as the facility and then I fly across the valley to kill the next three, and the AT-PTs are usually still intact by now but then BAM!, after I kill one or two tanks the next one shoots me down. (This is usually when one of the AT-PTs is destroyed) If I'm lucky they're still there and I kill that tank droid, I take on the next six at the turn and my shields usually go to orange. I then here "Fighters at...." and kill the last three tanks by the landing zone and then the bombs come, but the AT-PTs didn't turn the corner yet for the first wave. I kill the first four TIEs and the AT-PTs are at the final stretch (Excuse my bad spelling). The last wave of bombers flies in and I usually destroy them before they get near the AT-PTs (Except for the one occasion, stupid pieces of crap blew up one of the AT-PTs). I fly to the research facility and take out the missile lauchers, then the cut-scene appears and I magically teleport to the turtle walker I left alone. I desroy the two bunkers near him and fly up to the bonus. I destroy the turrets and the bunker and grab the bonus. I fly back to the research facility and kill a couple of the storm troopers and then blow up the research facility. I win and what do you know... a silver medal because of time, friendly saves, or I missed and enemy.

Someone help me improve my strategy so i don't die during the beginning of that tank droid onslaught. (If you have no idea what that is look for the part where it says "BAM!") Also how can I shave a couple of seconds off my time, preferably 10-15 seconds. I wrap the walkers at normal speed without ever braking so should I hold boost to shave off time? Thanks for reading this and helping me in advance (Ha, like any of you is actually going to read all this or help me you selfish *beeps*) and excuse my spelling mistakes (Yeah sure, all of you are perfectionists).



I find your lack of faith disturbing

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Guest Rogue15

ok i can help you (i think)


do not destroy the shield generator. quickly wrap the first at-at you see and the one by the shield generator, then destroy those turbolasers by the cliff, and then just circle around in the canyon (making sure you don't spot the at-at on that can destroy the atpts, he won't destroy them if you don't see the at-pts), and then when the gate is down, go over near the weapons factory, and get ready to blast all the tank droids, usually you can get them all in 2 passes, once they're gone, fire like mad at the ones on the other canyon, and then destroy the 3 up by the corner near the factory, then get ready to shoot down the tie bombers, it's alot easier if you stay near where they come flying in at, as you can destroy them fast, then when the first wave of bombers is destroyed, go over and help the atpts destroy the last 3 tank droids near the landing zone, and then quickly turn around and destroy the rest of the bombers.


Then just take down the shield generator, and there should be some tank droids around that area, so get some extra kills off of them, and strafe the snowtroopers, then go get the bonus, destroy those 2 missile turrets and the 2 turbolasers near the top, destroy the barracks that's holding the bonus, then go get some more accuracy by shooting the at-at down where the atpts started, and then turn around and destroy the weapons factory and hopefully get the gold medal.


I hope i helped.




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