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New SW Books ! Read 'em ?

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Originally posted by Master_Keralys

*is counting down the days till the release of James Luceno's Labyrinth of Evil arrives* This is sick: this is the first time in probably eight years that I have not had a single SW book on my Christmas wish list. Why? Because there haven't been any SW books worth getting


*goes back to counting down the minutes...*


This is indeed true. I have not read a SW book since the Unifying Force, for this very reason :( I do plan to read Survivors Quest when it hits PB. In the interim I am taking a sojourn from teh SW universe as far as my reading goes, and am spending time on R.A Salvatore's amazing books featuring Drizzt Do'Urden :)


Labyrinthe of Evil does sound appealing, but I am extremely spoiler free - have only seen the teaser, and wont see the full trailer, the clone wars cartoons season 3 or LoE. :) Yes, and readng Matt Stovers novelisation is going to be *excellent* :D



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