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  1. hey chaps. I just wanted to drop a quick line to say thanks for the enjoyable experience that has been folding@teamLFN. Various circumstances have resulted in my deciding to move on from LFN and this sadly also means techforum and teamLFN. I am of course still contributing to f@h the but under my own name. It was an honour and pleasure to be involve in such a positive initiative at LFN and I hope you guys keep it up! I am still linked to team LFN as team contact person for stanford, so in the unlikely event that anything needs to be communicated to stanford, please let me know
  2. Having the fan maxxed can be loud, but now that I have my new x360Trim also plugged into the Dell3008, all I can hear are horsey noises and gunshots while my shuttle/295 folds away [/playing RDR] mtfbwya
  3. 12000PPD! Wow. If nvidia ever come up with a 2x480GTX that thing will clock over 25000PPD What setting do you have your fan on Billy. If Im folding on dual GPUs I have it set at max, which slices a few degrees off. mtfbwya
  4. It looks like the GTX 470 can produce about 7500-8000PPD, given that Billy has clocked over 7000PPD in the last 24 hours or so I wonder what Billys temps are like on that thing. I monitor mine with evga precision or the multisensor widget + everest. Right now Im folding with both GPUs and have temps at 75-80C, which is about right for this card and my smallform case. Its cold in my part of Oz atm, so happy to due some foldin + heatin mtfbwya
  5. Awesome work Billy! welcome to teamLFN! mtfbwya
  6. cheers char! welcome back Miltiades! I'll be getting back on dual GPU folding soon, so chainz superior WU total should change its pants to brown: SOON Following my switch to Win7x64 full time, The Dell 3008 was having some issues on the 257.21 drivers during gaming only .... longstoryshort - I'm back on the epically stable 196.21. I noticed G3D has the 258.96 WHQLs but Im not keen on making the jump yet... mtfbwya
  7. A little bit of folding downtime recently... I just completed a full migration to Win7x64. My vista install was having some issues and was taking up some valuable space with a small Win7 partition. I've rubbed them both out and consolidated into one mega partition. I've had to reinstall ME2 entirely to access my content, and will likely have to do the same if I ever go back to that. Luckily I didnt need to do this for Trek MMO. It seems to be happy to let me play it of a non system partition even without having installed it in this OS. Once Ive finished the new(ish) ME2 DLC that I
  8. The 9800 is a great card that still clocks decent numbers.. IIRC, I think that is what Char is running. If you're happy to thrash a netburst CPU into fiery oblivion, the SMP client is the way to go. Keep an eye on those temps tho! Prof. Pande from the f@h team blog has updated some news on the V7 client - native GPU multicore setups seem to be on the agenda. They are about to start a limited alpha before letting everyone else hop on. mtfbwya
  9. what's funny is that it actually (just slightly) smells like a new car - something to do with the components I guess Or it could be in my head..... mtfbwya
  10. 6 months of hassles ended today - the Dell is here and I can start gaming again woot! It's a *very nice* monitor. Brushed aluminum bezel, sturdy tilt arm, heaps of connectivity options including scaled 1080p for console funs. Tested my friends ps3 on it - looked great. In a way I'm glad the samsung died because getting a console would have required a new 1080p compliant monitor. The fact that this 1600p native display can do it is just super! mtfbwya
  11. @Char - even when the switch is complete - Fermi still get all the core15 projects, whereas other cards get a core 11/15 mixture. That's why you'll find both cores living in your f@h folder nowdays, whichever client you use. I'm not really sure how that affects PPD though. I dont mind testing 6.3 at all, as long as the WU are being clocked! I definitely haven't had the end of session squabbles I used to get when I first set up mutli GPU. I have recently migrated to Windows7 as my full time OS and had to redo my shortcuts - much easier now I knew what I was doing, but the new client
  12. It's cold and rainy here now... to help warm my house, I've got the dual gpu client thang going again, which my numbers will verify. The Dell 3008 is coming on the 9th apparently... looking forward to getting back into DAO and STO
  13. I can confirm 257.15 works fine with the new fah client. I havent tested in games yet - waiting for the cheque to clear and the Dell 3008 to show up mtfbwya
  14. Edit - Ive installed the new client - all going well so far - It automatically incorporated all my multi GPU shortcut settings from 6.23 so no need to go through that hell again! As for the new 257.15 Betas... going to peruse the release notes before jumping into those... mtfbwya
  15. As announced at techforum: The GPU V3 Open Beta has arrived!! nb. Only for nvidia atm I havent tried it yet - will be doing so later tonight * * * Also, Samsung just called - they will be delivering my refund cheque tomorrow!! w00t! Dell 3008 girlz here I come mtfbwya
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