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  1. hey chaps. I just wanted to drop a quick line to say thanks for the enjoyable experience that has been folding@teamLFN. Various circumstances have resulted in my deciding to move on from LFN and this sadly also means techforum and teamLFN. I am of course still contributing to f@h the but under my own name. It was an honour and pleasure to be involve in such a positive initiative at LFN and I hope you guys keep it up! I am still linked to team LFN as team contact person for stanford, so in the unlikely event that anything needs to be communicated to stanford, please let me know via email. just add gmail/hotmail suffixes to astrotoy7 and it will get to me A7 over and out! mtfbwya
  2. any chance of swapping in another PSU and seeing if the problem reproduces? mtfbwya
  3. Point taken mimartin! On reflection, I could have demonstrated my point with a slightly less controversial funneh * ! I must stop posting at 7.32am, some 25 hours after last waking up mtfbwya * It was not "funneh" at all, regardless of how long one has been awaken... - D3
  4. lolz... responding to the net neutrality proposal contriversy of Google/Verizons evil plan to selectively control wireless data traffic, NMA News are at it again (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) mtfbwya
  5. Youssa no like-a da jar-jar! The fact that Jar-Har was sliced out of Ep2-3 drastically indicates that GL responded to the feedback - many suggest that the presence of this near his office at ILM is also a nice visual reminder of it. mtfbwya
  6. Overrated(but not garbage): Splitting previous posters sentences into fragments to argue points that aren't there allow me to illustrate(in a jesting fashion of course): NO! * * * I call this variation of the old Force Long Post Inception Syle Posting, namely the adding of unnecessary layers or dimensions that do not actually need to exist * * * Given the nature of this place is to be a sounding board for the sharing of these, how could it ever be in question?! I was just hoping people could be more constructive in their criticism than has been offered at times. Those who furnish a table of Bioware's storylines summarised to demonstrate their commonalities are merely stating something which I'm sure most people already know. There is antecedent and commonality in a lot of things. They obviously must have changed enough to make it acceptable to people, otherwise it simply would not sell. I like how this thread has panned out though - it started off as a general rant thread, but the 'garbage' part has since fallen to the wayside and people are now discussing the pitfalls of debating subjective topics - which is what this all boils down to - and of course has no endpoint! mtfbwya
  7. Ultra ATA drives on a 10 year old mobo? Believe me - you're lucky your getting it going at all phreakski Are you trying windows home servers vail build -I hear they will be incporating media center/tuner capture into it. mtfbwya
  8. I must admit I've never played it! I do have a 360 now, so may check it out one day - see what all the hoopla is about - and then get FPS-nausea headspins 5 mins later I also really liked mimartins comments on the infective fad that seems to be BioWare bashing. Kudos! Until said bashers have made an epic and original RPG themselves, they should dial down the hatred to a simple expression of whether they like the game or not, not write a perpetual manifesto on The Inherent Cliches and Patterns of Video Game RPGs. BioWare has provided many with literally hundreds of hours of relatively immersive story and fun gameplay - which is sort of what you'd want from a game - and not necessarily anything more grandiose, far reaching or spiritual mtfbwya
  9. What a highly selective time to play the altruistic guilt card! *Why dont we all stop wasting money on games and donate it to charity? *Why does does my cat scratch my couch despite my HAIKU poem pleading with him not to? These are both questions that that tear at the fabric of our hedonist society If that's what they want to do - then more power to them. If they brought it to something they could charge tourists to see, they could then donate that to charity...or buy a flamingo pink Lamborghini mtfbwya
  10. lolz... things arent looking bright.... It's kind of weird they're saying FU to BioWare given theyre about to release one of the most anticipated titles that could make them a mint if it worked out well. What we really need is a stupid motion controller game where we can play as a generic jedi attacking stormtroopers and trade federation vehicles in an episode 1 location [/sarcasm] mtfbwya
  11. Some interesting news from the tablet market recently: ASUS blames drop in netbook sales on iPad. Also, HTC teaming up with Google to release a ChromeOS tablet in late November It will be interesting to see how these go. There hasnt even been a convicning android based tablet to date - whilst chromeOS may be more useful as a productivity device - there still is quite a strong demand for a viable android tablet out there. Google has also released this HTML5 showcase page - if you want to see what HTML5 is capable of - visit it and have a look/play http://studio.html5rocks.com/ Engadget also did an interesting preview of XboxLive integration with the new Windows Phone 7 Platform. I was hoping Limbo would have been one of the cross platform games - but not so apparently. Still, looks interesting - seems like MS are quite serious about WP7 as a gaming platform. Read their full preview and watch the video HERE mtfbwya
  12. I also love Tory from Mythbusters Viking version It's great they are being auctioned for charity mtfbwya
  13. I'd love it if someone built a life sized outrider one day mtfbwya
  14. I dare you to find anything that is truly original. Key dramatic themes were being rehashed by Ancient dramatists, modern film makers hence are increasingly relying on spectacle or a convoluted context+presentation(eg. Inception) to impress audiences. Avatar is hardly my favourite film, but it was never meant to be a dramatic masterpiece - watching it expecting anything other than a visual spectacle is wishful thinking. You want originality, good script writing, go get this! Better yet, try catch a performance of it mtfbwya
  15. Those lucky enough to be attending Celebration V have seen some great things this year - but this has been the coolest so far IMO... a life sized replica of a TIE Interceptor.. built by a father & daughter team apparently EU freaks among us will get an extra kick, recognising it as Saber 1, the personal Interceptor of Baron Soontir Fel of the 181st Squadron (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) shakycam, but closer up and more detail (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) mtfbwya
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