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Emperor's Tomb Soundtrack (request for a Fanfilm).


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Hi, my name's Tevya Washburn. I'm just about finished with a fanfilm I've been working on. It's Indiana Jones & Star Wars combined. I made it as kinda a tribute to two sets of movies that inspired my imagination as a child. It is also a tribute to imagination as a whole, especially the imagination of children.


View the poster here (no website yet): Poster


Here's my dilema: I finished a preliminary version to show to my little brothers (who star in it) last time I went home. I've gone back and tried to improve the color, soundfx, etc. before I put it online. One thing I havent been able to overcome is the quality of some of the music.


I used several tracks from the game IJ: Emperor's Tomb in the music sountrack. They fit so perfectly that in spite of my efforts to find other music that would fit, I haven't found anything that fits the flow of the film. The mp3's that I have are from the PC game (which I own) and are 22khz @ 96kbps, which is pretty low quality. So when I recompress it as part of the whole video, it sounds pretty poor.


THE POINT (of this whole thing) is that I heard that soundtracks.mixinmojo.com posted the higher quality, 44khz @ 192kbps, mp3's from the X-Box version. That would have solved my problem, except that I found out about it too late and they had been taken down. I was wondering if there is anyone who downloaded them and would be willing to send them my way (remember I own the PC version, and already have the music, I just need higher quality). I can even provide ftp access for someone to upload them to. I'll include the name of whomever is so kind as to help me out, in the credits of the film.


Thanks in advance for any help.

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