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Episode III Spoiler Policy (in-depth)


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I just have to post a reminder here since some people don't seem to understand...



If you KNOW what happens in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, you have a few choices on LucasForums:


1) Keep it to yourself until the movie has been out for awhile and it has become general knowledge.


1) Discuss it in PM's or private chat or email or some other forum with others who wish to discuss it.


2) Post about it in the "Episode III Spoilers Allowed" forum.


3) Use the "spoiler" tag in front of each portion of spoilers (as you see me doing) to make it so that only those who wish to read it will see it by highlighting their mouse over the area in question, put "SPOILER" type warnings in front of links, and use links only (rather than direct images) when posting spoiler images.


If you can't do this then, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF until the movie has been out for awhile and the info becomes common knowledge.



Not every SW fan is desperate to learn every detail about this movie before it's even out in theaters. While these details may seem trivial to you, so many fans are trying to spew them out, and combined, this info ruins quite a bit of the actual movie for many folks. It's like reading the last page of a murder mystery out loud to somebody who's waiting in line to buy the book and who actually WANTS to be surprised. It's just plain rude.


But we KNOW that some people like to discuss spy reports and spoilers (including ones leaked on sites like TFN and StarWars.com). So that's why we have the tags and indeed and entire forum for it, as a courtesy to both parties ("spoiler" and "non-spoiler").


So be smart, don't make us have to start banning people for ignoring these warnings. If you don't know how to use the Spoiler tag LEARN. NOW.


Speculation is fine, but if you know what happens or THINK you know what happens, use the tag. When in doubt, use it.




Do I sound cranky? I am a bit. I've already had a bit of the movie spoiled for me by accident, and I wish to avoid more spoilage. I'm thus sympathetic on behalf of the people wishing to avoid spoilers, and that's why I'm making "such a fuss" about this. So be smart and discreet about this for the sake of others, that's all I ask.



Posting info from the OFFICIALLY RELEASED Trailers (once they become available from StarWars.com, NOT just to Hyperspace memberse) is permissable, though before the film comes out a bit of warning is a good idea (Ie: warnings in the thread title, such as "trailer spoilers"). We'll be much more lenient on trailer stuff.


Once the movie comes closer to release (May 2005) and finally comes out there will be TV spots and tv commercials, these will then become fair game to post about (though, as with the trailer, a simple warning in the thread title or before hand and use of appropriate links is desirable).


However, I realize that SW.com and TheForce.net have various "spy reports" and other type material that many people who visit those sites read (but not everyone of course). Just because material appears on those sites doesn't give you the go ahead to post it without the spoiler tag or warnings here. The same rules apply.


If it isn't in one of the officially released trailers, consider it a SPOILER until the movie has been out in theaters for awhile (I'm talking weeks here, not mere days).



Other items that contain Episode III Spoilers will also be considered in this (deemed worthy of warnings and tags or being confined to the appropriate Spoiler forums):


-Episode III video game spoilers


-Republic Commando game spoilers (minor spoilers and spoilers not related to Episode III itself will be allowed to the appropriate forums for the game, with tags when its about the storyline of the game, just as with any other game)


-Episode III related novel/comic book/tech manual/RPG spoilers


-Episode III related info from action figure series's

-Clone Wars animated series Season 3 (and the ending of Season 2)




One final note: You may use Episode III material in your avatar/signatures. HOWEVER if you wish to avoid getting into trouble, you'll only include material that has already been revealed in the official trailers. That is, if you want to use a shot of some character, make sure that shot is featured in the trailer, and not from some hyperspace content or spy report. That is, unless you wish to ONLY post in the Spoiler forum. Because any posts you make in other forums or past posts will show your avatar/sig. If you want to put a spoiler in your signature, don't use an image, but rather use a link (with warning included).



People who violate the spoiler rules can expect to have their posts edited or possibly deleted. They may even warrant a temp ban for flagrant or repeated violations if and when the mods deem necessary.


If you have a question or problem with an issue relating to this, please take it up PRIVATELY with an Admin such as myself and we'll discuss it.

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I should add that the Episode III Soundtrack will also be released prior to the film and may contain some spoilers in the booklet/track listing. This too should be covered with the rest of the spoilerific materials in the previous post.


Fair warning...

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Update: 3/22/05


We now know the revised schedule for Clone Wars Season 3 (aka "Volume II" since the first DVD release encompasses the first two seasons) is one episode being shown each night from March 21st to March 25th.


As before, this material contains ROTS Spoilers (nearly two months before ROTS) and will be treated as such, as mentioned in the thread stickies from December.

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