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Guest BillyGates

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Ha! Foolish mortal! An XWA site that actually discusses XWA? BAH! Our Forums are used for relavent coversation! MMUUUHAAAAA! Yes, I did just take some asprin, but no other *cough* drugs.



"Have no fear, your local Grand Admiral is here!"


Rogue 6



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Guest AceAzzameen

I'm agreeing with Ike here... o0(god, did i say that? wink.gif J/K big guy)


Plus, there was already plenty of mention of XWL in another post on the board... anyone can find their way there pretty easily. No need to jab it in people's faces. If anybody want's to get links to opts and missons & stuff they can check out XWL, and I think everybody knows it. Uh... I guess that's all. Just saying everyone already knows Billy, so don't worry about spreading the word.



"With the blast shield down, I can't even see. How am I supposed to fight?"


Rogue Leader 3


or manofstele@yahoo.com

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