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SWRepublicCommando.exe has encountered a problem...


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Hi Commandos!


I need your help!

After installation when I start Republic Commando the program starts loading, the screen turns black, but after a few seconds I am back on my desktop and the following error message appears:


SWRepublicCommando.exe has encountered a problem and must be closed


Has someone else had the same problem or does anybody know how I can get the game to work?


thx - Vampyre

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Scanned my system for viruses, spyware but didn't find anything....


strange thing is - I installed the demo version of the game again - and surprise-surprise - it worked fine...


...about the patch - as far as I know the patch only adds some multiplayer maps...no changes to the game itself...

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Thermaltake SopranoRS case

Antec Smart Power 2.0 500 watts

Philips 20X SATA DVD-RW

MAXTOR 300GB SATA 150 Hard drive

Gigabyte GA-MA69VM-S2 Motherboard

Socket AM2 AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+ (2.1 GHZ)

Geil 2GB DDR2 800 RAM (PC2 6400) Dual Channel

Sapphire ATI HD 2600 XT 512MB GDDR 3

***I am running on Widows XP Pro SP3, v3264 as well***



So I installed Republic Commando like normal. :) Turns out every time I ran the game, my screen went black and displayed the typical computer crash window. :( I then made sure i had the latest directX 9.0c(March 2008) as well as the latest ATI drives (v8.4). I also checked my sound drivers turns out, they were out of date so i update them. And I also updated my windows. So after much research from other forums one forum helped me out the most. And turns out that i could run high settings EXCEPT for and option titled "BUMP MAPPING QUALITY" in the graphics section(have to be running the game). "BUMP MAPPING QUALITY" must be set to LOW.

And everything else can be set to your own personal settings. Aviod the rumor that you can only run this game on only one CPU core. I tested that rumor and turns out it's false. Also another rumor to avoid is the one where your hard drive runs hot and causes the game to crash in which some people recommended me to spray it with compressed air. I did not have to do that making that statement false.

As for the certain drivers not working especially NVIDIA drivers, I have had no problems with it. I tested the game running several GeForce cards such as GeFORCE FX 5200, 5500, 5700 LE, 6200, 6600, and 6800GT in which ran without any problems no matter what version drivers I used. As of right now i am running those cards listed above on version 174.93 BETA for XP.


I hope this helps, mainly the people with the fast video cards like 8800GTS and above.

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