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Wanted - an animated GIF expert....


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I have a set of four emblems that I want to be made up in the same way as those of the Liberty and Defiance emblems on the breifing screens (rotating and in gold).

The are relatively simple, all siether circular or oval in design, but still look sweet. If any one can help me out (IE, take the designs and produce the gifs) then PLEASE e-mail me !

Your efforts will be posted with the GIFs on my gallery page, and your credntials will be put on my site's Credit's page.

Please help me out peeps !!



Nova Squadron, the Elite B-Wing flight group stationed aboard the Nebulon B Frigate 'Oracle', home of the tech library.


'No capitol too large, no corvette too armed. NOVA squadron, for ALL your extermination needs. Our special at the moment - SSDs (See our work with the Iron Fist !) !'

Commander Jon 'DFMD' Adamson - leader of Nova Squadron (B-Wing ID = 'The White Witch')

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