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Accursed Module Editor (Help? Please?)


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I need to know how I can open up a map in the Module Editor and start off "fresh," without any of the stuff that was in the original map. Basically, I want JUST the map. Is there a way to do this?


First, let's assume that it is a map that Kotor Tool supports. You can check this by using the Tools | Show Maps supported by Module editor menu.


Find the name of the module you want to work with in the treeview under Kotor I(I) | RIMs | Modules. Right click on it and select Extract for Module Editing....


In the Resource Type Selector, uncheck everything in the right column (only Doors and Placeables are pre-checked, normally), then click the OK button.


Now select where the module will be extracted to, then click the OK button.


Finally, a dialog box will come up asking if you want the .GIT cleaned of all non-extracted entities. Click the Yes button.


You should now be able to launch the Module editor and open the folder (your module's "project folder") and see the module. It will be completely empty. If you build the module (F5 key or menu item on the File menu), you'll be prompted (once) for the output path for the resulting .mod file. I like to have them go right into the game's override folder, to make testing easier. Now you just need to load a saved game, then warp to the name you gave to the .mod file to see the results.

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Trying this on Davik's Estate screws up if you choose to clean the .git of non-extracted entities.


I'll look into it, but in the mean time you can also use the Bioware GFF editor or KGff to remove the entries below each of the xxx_lists in the .git file to create the same effect, albeit in a more tedious manner. :)

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